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OMG - belly already!!

well as the title says....i have a belly already at nearly 9 weeks! Not much but my work trousers are now very tight and i think i am going to struggle to keep it quiet much longer.

I bought a pair of maternity trousers the other day and i soooo want to wear them...for comfort more than anything, but as soon as i put them on it looks so obvious.

Anyone else starting to grow? Its weird as the scales say i have not put any weight on but im definitely filling out.

Wasnt going to tell work until at least 12 weeks for fear of my job suddenly disappearing but i think i may have to as someone is bound to notice soon, and i would rather them hear it from me first rather than office gossip.

image x


  • I havent put weight on but I feel bigger.....I feel like I have a tummy but I think it is 'bloat' - I didnt show until 24/28 weeks last time but will def have a bump by 12 weeks this time I think

  • this is no3 for me and it seems with every pregnancy i show earlier and earlier, i am on 6or7wks but i have bloated up quite badly and i have this huge belly tghat looks like im about 5mth, not happy as i just lost all my pre pregnancy weight from DS but all my clothes i just bought to go back to work are tight and i have even taken to wearing my DH combat trousers which are sooo comfy...LOL

    luckily my friend is also pregnant and a few weeks ahead with her 3rd and is having the same problem so i dont feel too bad, like you i have also been weighing myself and i havent gained an ounce so i have no idea where its coming from but it is just the belly image
  • I most definitely have a belly already, I am 9+1 and trousers are tight already, ordered some new maternity trousers and am resisting taking out my maternity stuff yet because it excentuates my bump, but oh how I want the world to see my wee belly and know I am pregnant x only a few more weeks til my scan x

    ladyk I didnt show properly til about 24-28 weeks last time either but am so glad I am not back at work until after the scan so i don't have to hide my bump x
  • im so glad im not on my own with this, with my 1ST i didnt start showing till 16+ weeks and i had a few girls at work on saturday that asked if i was pregnant!!!! i couldnt lie and really didnt want to tell floor staff till i was past 12 weeks xxx mat trousers are gonna be used early x
  • I am certainly getting v bloated! By the evening I have a little bump / bloat. Similarly I only started showing with my DS after 20 weeks, until then I just looked like I'd eaten a few to many pies!
  • i'm bloating already too, i'm a big girl so no one should notice yet ha ha
  • I am bigger now at 8+3 than I was when I was 15 weeks with my first. Eeeek! Already in my maternity jeans but thankfully I dont work so it makes no differance to me.
  • I'm definately bigger than I was with my first - we took a photo at 8+5 and compared it to my 8+5 photo when I was preg with my DD and I am a lot bigger. Looking at my photos I'd say I was between my 12 and 16 week size. I just don't want anyone to guess but I only have a week to wait until my scan so fingers crossed I'll last another week. We told our parents last weekend and hubby's mum said she'd guessed but I'm not so sure - she just likes to think that she knows everything first!!!
  • i seem to have a bit of a belly on a night time. i can only wear my jeans until about 6pm then they get really uncomfortable. but by the time i wake up in the morning i am back to the way i was before!!

    this is my 1st so not sure what to expect and when to expect anything.

    My mum reckons i look different but she knows that i am expecting already!! So probably all in her imagination!!

    i am 7 + 3 and scan booked for 4 weeks time!! soo excited!!! xxx
  • Hi Charlie this is my 1st as well, I think u r only a couple of days behind me, I am 7+5. I have to change out of clothes into pyjamas as soon as I get in from work as I bloat out so much!! But I am beginning to not even be able to do my work trousers up in the morning as my bloat just does not seem to go down overnight eek!! My hubby has even commented on the belly already and sent me in a panic about twins, but I had an early scan on sat and there was only one in there!! So I have no idea why I am already bulging out lol x I think it must be because I am quite small already and I am having to eat so much to stop the nausea I really need to weigh myself :lol:
  • Hi CharlamineUK

    My husbands nan is one of twins so i am also worried about twins but i will be happy whatever we have.

    My husbands also been commenting on my belly too but i have always been a comfortable size 12 (big hips but friends all say very flat stomach) but i stood on the scales to see if it was because i have been eating loads but i have lost 2lbs rather than putting it on. And i cant even blame morning sickness as i have not had any at all!! Which i worry about as all my friends and family have suffered badly with it!!

    my first scan not until end of march so i wont know anything until then.

    I have just seen a post on here that brought a tear to my eye as a girl who was due on the same day as me has lost hers, i cant even begin to imagine what she is going through!! :cry:
  • I look huge, not sure if its just fat though. I'm a big girl anyway but my stomach is really starting to stick out, doesnt usually. i carry my weight well as tall. i getting really conscoius about it, so worried i look really fat, i'd rather look pregnant. lol.

    still trying to hide it from work

    jess 8+3


    btw - not sure if its the same for me, but this is my 2nd pregnancy but last ended in mmc @ 9wks. could this be why i'm maybe showing early??
  • Hi everyone!

    I am big girl too but defo feeling my jeans getting tight! I have to undo them when I am on my own.

    jess no sure about you getting bigger early because you have carried before. I have read that after your first child your uterus is pretty large anyway as it never shrinks but because you unfortuatly would have stopped growing at 9 weeks i dont know if this would apply to you?!

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