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How much weight ??


I have weighed myself this morning and I have put on 2lb, I was stuck at 10 st 4 for about three weeks and iv been eating sooooo much!! Looks like it's on the up !! Was hoping I'd get away with it haha !!

How's everyones weight gain! Hope this thread is not too personal image xx


  • Well with DS1 at my 8 week MW check I had put on 3kgs (6.5lbs)

    I am 6+6 with this pregnancy and have put on 1 lb but I have MS (well morning, noon and night sickness/nausea).

    I gain weight easily so I am SURE by the 12 week mark I will have def put on more than the recommended 4lbs.
  • 4lbs!!! Better stop eating sooo much!!! I put on weight really easily too! But havnt seemed to past few weeks.

    Hope your ok Hun, iv still got no ms!!! Xxxx
  • checked last night and my weight hasnt changed even tho i feel like it has, had really nasty sickness tho and a 2 yr old to run after x hubs said if i had put any weight on it would be on my boobs, he also said i should weigh my boobs on the digi scales xx bloody men
  • i haven put weight on either but its still early days ha ha
  • Oh no!! I need some sickness!!! Jokeimage but I tell you what! The biscuits and cakes are gonna stopimage xx
  • hey i am 7 + 4 and i stood on the scales this moring and i have lost 2lbs but i am not having any morning sickness at all. Infact the only syptoms i really have is really sore boobs and a bit of tiredness oh and mild stretching pains which are slowly getting less and less!!

    I do worry that without any symptoms that something may go or be wrong and scan not for another 3 and half weeks got booking in with midwife appointment on sunday so will tell them all then. had a group chat type meeting with midwife monday this week but was quite crowded so wasnt 100% sure what i should talk to her about!!! xx
  • dont worry gemlou, ive put 6lbs on already, cant stop eating!!!

  • I'm getting lots of water retention ( well that's what I'm blaming it onimage ) my legs feel heavier

    Stopped eating pot noodles as of today! My client put me off!!! Xx
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