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Feeling anxious

Hey Ladies

I have my Midwife booking in appointment on Thursday, i cant remember what they actually do at that appointment (ridiculous really as my DS is only 2 so was not that long ago!) will they try to listen to heartbeat?

I am having sickness AM and am feeling exhausted (running around after an active 2yr old is obviously contributing)

My Scan is on Wed 23rd March

I cant help but feel really anxious that everything is ok, i am sure i am not alone in this feeling ???



  • Hey

    You are definately not alone in feeling like that I feel exactly the same!

    I have my booking in appt on Saturday and my scan on Tuesday and I am so worried that we'll get to the scan and they'll tell me something has gone wrong or that I'm imagining it all!

    My symptoms sound pretty similar to yours.

    From what I remember of my booking in appt with my DD, they ask a lot of background que's about family health history, test your wee, blood pressure and weigh you. I am pretty sure that they don't start listening to the heartbeat as a rule until the 16 week check, as it is often difficult to find it earlier on and they know what a paranoid lot us pregnant women are!

    Hope your booking in appt goes well on Thursday, I think you'll be one of the first of us to have it, so you'll have to report back on what they do image x
  • hi ladies,

    I seem to have had my booking in appointment quite early, i'm just awaiting my scan date letter 64 linacre 23rd is my b'day!!! i'm really hoping i get fri 25th as we''re going out for my birthday on the 26th and i'd love to be able to tell everyone!

    I too am anxius to see our bubs on screen and to know everything is ok. I'm having nausea ( not actually sick but a constant nausea which is driving me mad) and so exhausted i just keep telling myself that these are good signs bubs is safe and sound. xx
  • God baby brain already or what i didn't post what i meant to about the booking app! she just went over all my medical history filling forms out etc went over what i couldn't eat too. she didn't feel my tum like some people had said and didn't mention the heart beat although it was probably a bit early for that anyway! hope all goes well for you both xx
  • Thank you ladies its so lovely that we are all in the same boat and can share experiences and worries image
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