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Hi, i'm 7 weeks pregnant, everything seemed to be going fine apart from the usual stretching pains etc, however this morning there was brown discharge when i wiped (sorry way too much info) I've had pain in my right hand side for a few days too but nothing too sore. I called my dr and they have given me an appt for a scan tomorrow morning. I can't stop thinking about it, must have been to the loo about 20 times today checking. I wish tomorrow would hurry up, just want to know whats going on. Just wondering if anyone else has had this? xx


  • oh poor you! its so scary isn't it? have definitely had brown discharge both this pregnancy and previous and all was fine last time (and keeping fingers crossed this time!). i think its really common. also mild pains are normal. glad you have managed to sort a scan. wish you lots of luck for tomorrow - hope everything is ok!

  • I agree, it is so scary i know. The cruel thing is waiting to know, i had a mmc, so in my last pregnancy when i started having brown discharge i was devastated thinking that i would loose that one too, my daughter is almost 15 months old now and i was induced and had an emergency c-section at the end. :lol:

    What i am saying is brown is usually nothing to worry MUCH about, it is the bright red that we should worry about. And even that is sometimes something else.

    Brown means old, so just sit tight hun, and wishing you all the luck tomorrow image


  • Thanks, your posts made me feel a bit better last night. I never had anything like that with my first pregnancy, I was actually really relaxed and laid back with my first but seem to feel quite anxious this time round.

    Anyway I had my scan this morning, baby was in the right place and i could see the wee heart beat too, just have to keep an eye on the spotting. I'm so happy, it's such a relief.

    Thanks again. Xxx
  • Great news - seeing a heartbeat is such a relief, I had exactly the same thing at 9 weeks with my first pregnancy and seeing that flickering heartbeat was just the best feeling ever and I know have a very health 9 month old as a result.


  • great news! v pleased for you!

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