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FAO kristuk

Hi Kristuk

I know you have said you already have a little one the same age of my son (7 months). I hope you dont mind me asking but I was wondering, are you currently on maternity leave, what are plans with regards to going back now that you are pregnant again?

I am still on mat leave and originally was going to go back part time when our son was 1, now as long as everthing goes ok with this one I will be 7 months pregnant then so there just wouldnt be any point in going back for a month!

vix x


  • Hey,

    I think i will give it a few weeks and then call my HR team, my problem is i really dont want to go back at all, I am not due back until the end of june and with holiday allowence this can probably be taken to the middle of ayg when i will be 29 weeks and then would be able to start mat leave again, i am just not sure if i can do that? i suppose the only way to find out for sure is to contact hr and hope they dont tell anyone eles in the company that i am preggers!

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