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Booking in appointment

I don't know whether stress or not lol! I am being messed around a bit with my booking in appointment, I went to the doctors to register my pregnancy on the 9th Feb and was told I would be contacted by the midwife with an appointment, the week after I got a call but as I have recently moved she said there was no point her seeing me and she would get on of the team where I live to call me, it is still the same hospital area though. I never heard anything and to be honest was not to worried, until I went to my private scan and they asked me if I had heard from midwife and when I said no, they said I should chase it up as Medway hospital dating scans are in the 12 week and although I am only 8 weeks i am already in my 9th week. So I chased on Monday was given the number for team leader midwife and called her, she said she would get someone to call me on Tuesday with an appointment, I still had not heard by Thursday so followed up again a d was told that they r short staffed and someone will call eventually! Should I keep chasing or just chill out, i notice that a lot of u have scan dates already have u all had ur booking in appointments?


  • How frustrating - not sure what to advise - I'd probably keep calling every couple of days - just on the basis that whoever shout loudest gets heard first image

    I am not sure about the order of booking appts and scan dates as I am not covered by the nhs where I live so thing are done a bit differently. I have booking appt tomorrow (10+4 - which seems to be later than the NHS do them) and then scan on Tuesday (11+0).

    With my last pregnancy I had my scan before my booking appointment.

    Hope you get a phone call soon


  • With DS1 at a diff hospital I had booking in at 8 weeks and scan at 13+4 all within a week of going docs

    This time I have chased and scan through today for 12+4 but nothing for booking in app but apparently it is between 10-15 weeks at this hospital


  • hi charlamine

    i am moving to medway in july where bouts r u?? xx
  • Hi Charlie, what a small world lol! I live in gillingham, where abouts r u moving to? X
  • Thanks for your replies ladies! It is mad how the processes r so different depending on where u live! I am going to chase them everyday next week until i get somewhere i think, they r gonna hate me lol! I am not to concerned about the booking in appointment, but i would like a scan date so i have something to look forward to to make time go quicker and so many u have ur dates already!
  • Ha ha Charlamine i will be moving to Gillingham too. Moving to Brompton Barracks as hubby in the army!!!

    I am quite lucky as i am going to be about 6 months by the time i move there so booking in appointment and scan already going to be done here!! xx
  • b less you hun xx total nightmare, i have my booking in on the 15th and my scan on the 24th xx will be just over 12 weeks xxx
  • I literally live right on top of brompton barracks! Lol! How mad is that! The rate I am going I might not end up with a booking in appointment until I am 6 months gone :lol:
  • i would just keep pestering them hun. at the end of the day they cant ignore u forever!! :lol:

    And if all else fails bug ur GP too. As my scan was booked by my GP top the midwife!!! xxx
  • Well I have an appointment to register at my new GPs on Thursday so hopefully they might be able to help get me somewhere!! My current gp doesn't seem to bothered as he knows I am off his books soon! If u want to know any inside information on the Medway towns be sure to give me a shout! image
  • will do thanks hun xxx
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