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Hi everyone :)


I hope you dont mind me joining you. Im 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow with baby number 3 so thought it was about time I joined in with the group.

I have 2 DD's already, one is 4, the other is 6 months so there will be just 13 months between the younger 2, I must be crazy haha!

I think I'm due on the 23rd October, so one of the later ones, but I will find out for sure when I have my 12 week scan (still waiting for the date). We found out the sex of our 2 girls at the 20 week scans so this time we are staying team yellow.

Looking forward to getting to know you all over the next 7ish months xx


  • Welcome to Dio and congrats on your pregnancy xx
  • Hi!

    Welcome to DIO!!

    Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 month!!

    BB xx
  • Welcome to DIO!! I'm also 9 weeks tomorrow with baby number one (also hoping to be team yellow!) so due the same day as you.

    Hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy image

  • Hi!


    I am 8 weeks tomorrow. 2nd baby I have a little boy who is just over 7 and a half months, he will be 15 months when this one comes along!

    I think we are going to be on team yellow this time as well, we wanted to be last time but the lady scanning us told us by mistake.

  • Hello!

    I'm 10 weeks today and nervously waiting for my 12 week scan. I'd like to stay team yellow but hubby would like to find out. This is my first. xx
  • hi and welcome. i'm one of the late ones aswell i'm the 29th of oct, this will be my second. i found out with my last and will defo find out this time aswell. hope u have a h&h nine months xxx
  • Hello and congrats! Im due 27th Oct altho i think scan might put me to about 30th as thats what happened with my first. I have a little girl who is 2yrs 2 mnths. I didnt find out with my daughter and wont find out this time either - i like the surprise! Have my booking in app next week and should find out about scan soon after from midwife.
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