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Leaing you all

Hi Ladies

my ticker iswrong i should have been 10 weeks today!!!

i have honestly had the worst week of my life. My husband came home from a week long course on friday and i was over the moon. However when i woke up Saturday i as bleeding. i rang the midwife who sent me straight to A&E where they sent me up to the maternity unit.

When i got there they did all kinds of tests and told me to go home and they will arrange a emergency scan for the monday. when i had the scan tey noticed that my womb was dialated but it as empty. they then did an internal ultrasound and foun that i was infact having an ectopic pregnancy. So all the pains i experienced last month weren't actually stretching pains at all so my GP was wrong.

I have had 6 hospital appointments this week for tests and an injection called Methetrexate which is tobreak down my hormones to remove the ectopic pregnancy without Surgery.

We r able to try again after about 3months. But i have done nothing bu cry and wonder why all week.

Sorry for the long post and i wish all of you a happy and healthy 9 months xxxx :cry:


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