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I am terrified, and am sure i am not alone!!

Hi Ladies

I have my 12 week scan tomorrow (am 12 weeks today) am being sick each day, no bleeding or pains but i am utterly terrified they are going to scan me tomorrow and it wont be what i want to hear. Its all consuming at the moment!

I cant remember feeling this terrified with my DS


  • me too!

    I worry every day, if I dont feel sick for an hour or so I start to worry that something has gone wrong. My scan date hasnt come through yet I am 8 weeks 1 day today but just want to get it done so I know everything is ok!

    I am sure everything will be fine, let us know how you get on!

  • i totally know what u mean xx im 12 weeks tomorrow and its all i think about x i have my scan on thursday but im also at the epu tomorrow for a scan too xxx i keep thinking they will scan and it will be empty xxxx
  • Right there with you girls! I'm 10+3 and an petrified. Had some bad news about my health last week and an scrabbling around trying to book a private scan!

    Used to be so calm lol.

    BB c
  • Thank you for your responses ladies, i am keeping my fingers & toes crossed for a happy + healthy 9 months for all of us x

    BroodyBoots where abouts are you, there is an excellent private scan place near me in Reading if thats any help
  • Ah I used to live near Reading, am now down on the south coast.

    Managed to book a scan for sat... only 4 sleeps to go!

    Let us know how your scan goes!

  • Will do

    keeping my fingers crossed for you, have you had some symptoms which have made you worry xxx
  • No, nothing to make me worry but I was almost certain that I was going to get good news on thursday but I didn't so now I am doubting everything.... basically I am freaking out!

    Just want to make sure that whilst I may not be 100% the bubs is image

  • oh i am really sorry i didnt realise you had had bad news. Remember we are all here if you need to let off steam x
  • You are definately not alone - I had my scan a couple of weeks ago and both hubby and I felt exactly like this - although I was just as bad with my DD! Just felt like maybe it had all been a figment of my imagination and there was actually no baby.

    Luckily, baby was exactly where it should be - I'm sure yours will be too.

    Good luck to all having scans soon.


    12 weeks
  • i also should be 11-12 weeks and i have scan tomorrw as my cycles were so irregular and i have no idea really about dates im very nervous but will go with the flow tmorrow and see how i go. good luck to everyone|!
  • Good luck today!

    Let us know how it goes image

    BB xx
  • i don't have my scan until the 15th of april but i went for an early one at 7+3 and all was ok. i'm lucky enough that my gp has her own ultrasound machine and checks me everytime i go in. but it stills scares the s*** out of me incase something is wrong xxx
  • Well ladies, here is our little bub

    I am one V happy lady image

  • Thanks KTLM, its a nerve wracking business, hope all goes well for you x
  • Yay!


    Gorgeous pic!! When is your edd?

    So chuffed for you image

    BB x
  • Ah thanks Broodyboots, its 5th October image

    i was so nervous this morning that i drank so much water and the sonographer had to send me off for a wee as she said my bladder was squashing the poor little bean image
  • OMG thats amazing, huge congrats!!!!

    My scan is on wednesday, i cant wait, i'm so nervous, praying everythings gonna be ok.

    Jess xxx

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