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Got nucheal scan mon

Hi girls hope your all ok

Iv got scan on mon and I'm going to see if they can see the sex, I know thatnit wouldn't be no where near 100 per cent but would like to have a little inkling !!

So... Iv decided already on lacie if it's a girl but boys I'm sooooo stuck on??

What boys names have you come up with yet?? Xxx


  • i asked that today at my scan and she said what i already knew, earlyist(sp) they could see anything would be 16 weeks xx

    we have

    Jack Edward for a boy, hubs loves 24 so that is Jack and both our grandads were Edward so very fitting x

    Megan Rose for a girl, i chose Megan as i love the name and Rose is our friend Emilys middle name and she passed away this yr and i want to show my love and respect of her xx
  • Boys names are always a sticking point for us, we have a short list -





    and our girls name will be isla rose x x

    last time we couldnt decide on a boys name and I gave in to OH and agreed to Alex, but it really suits him and I love it now x
  • Ah munchkinsmama

    I was going to have ilsa!! But I changed my mind to lacie. Alex is really sweet too!!! I could pick a bunch of girls names!!

    How you doing Hun? X
  • We were thinking if Isla rose too! It'd still a fav but our surname begins with A so her initials would be IRA... Poor little poppet image still looking for another middle name to go with Isla image

    BB x
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