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Not sure what to do??

I'm 11+3 wks and i keep getting occasional pink spotting.

Normally occurs when i go to the toilet for a number 2, its definitly coming from down below though. Its not alot and always goes away but its happened about 4 times now. I wasnt worried coz it was a little, not red just pink no pain, but getting a little worried now coz happened again.

Jess xxx


  • Ive just spoken to the midwife, who gave me NO reassurance at al, she said she doesnt know whats happening, doesnt know if i'll be ok, cant give me any advice at all. Just need to see GP today!!

    I'm now panicing like mad, got a drs appt at 4.30, which i no is pointless all he's gonna do is want to book me in for a scan, which i dont want coz ive got 12wk one next wed, already had 3 scan early on, didnt want anymore, wanted 12wk scan to be special.

    Been for another wee, no blood, a little bit of pulling pain in abdo which has now stopped
  • Jess please dont panic. Ive had spotting on and off for the last 12 days. Started brown but gradually got pinker. Had an early scan today and everything is fine. They couldnt give me an explanation as to why but she said its very common for women to bleed throughout the whole of pregnancy.

    I know its easier said than done though! I hope the doctor put your mind at rest a litle xxx

    Becky 9+3
  • What did the docs say?

    Hope they were more helpful than your midwife.


    BB xx
  • Hey hope you are ok and just wanted to agree with the comments left.

    I bled in my first pregnancy and my baby is now 8 months old!

    let us know how you got on. xx
  • Hi I'm 11 plus 4 days and I had pink spotting a couple of days ago. I had major panic cutting a long story short my midwife said it's totally normal and not to worry. She said only worry of bright red blood and then go to a and e. I have had nothing since.

    So taking her advice it's totally normal x
  • Thanks for your replies. the doc has reassured me, he did offer to book me a scan but i'm having 12wk scan on wed so i'd rather wait.

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