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have had awful night and morning:(tmi alert

well woke up at 230 am bleeding lots of watery blood, went back to bed after clearing up and it stopping. i then woke again at four with lots of red blood, the water had gone. i couldnt get bk to sleep and had to wait until 8 to call the maternity unit.(the epu doesnt open till 9) they said to go a and e. i booked in with a and e and decided to go and see the epu myself(cheeky i know) thank god i did as she said she would see me. a and e normally get doctors involved to check you over then you get referred to epu for a scan. so i bypassed thatimage two and a half hours later i was scanned and my little buuba is fine, there is still alot of blood around the baby and they dont know why but just that its not affecting the baby and that iv got to try and not worry.

iv bled also this afternoon and iv still got cramps but just trying to rest. they also didnt know what the watery blood was, iv bled so much i wasnt sooo concerend about the fresh blood, it was the watery as i thought the sac had burst! alls well that ends well but just so stressed, i open a salon tommorrow!!!! xxx


  • God that must have been so scary, please everythings ok though xxx
  • Blimey!

    Glad that bubs is ok though!!

    Good luck with the salon opening tomorrow image

    BB x
  • Oh god gemlou that sounds so scary I am so glad bubs is ok, I bet your a nervous reck. I have just replied to your other post.

    Take care hun xx
  • hope ur ok hun. xxxxx
  • Hi Missy moo

    I'm ok thanks Hun, iv been bleeding every night since but during the day nothing!!? Weird!! Hopefully itl stop now!! Opened shop and done 3 clients so far!!! I'm so tired tho!!! Was in bed by half 8 last night!!! How are you Hun?? Xxx
  • bless you hun xxx least its not baby and bless you for still working xx just try and calm down xxx big hugs xx
  • well has it stopped yet? just think about at the end of it all u'll have a healthy baby.

    glad u got 3 clients thats a good sign and as for going to bed early i'm the same as soon as i put my little one down in her own room, i go into bed and fall asleep!!!!
  • Yes all stopped now Missy moo!! Thank god , got lots of stretching pains at the mo!! How's u ? X
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