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No booking appt or scan :(

Im so fuming! almost 10 weeks and havent even had an appointment yet!!! phoned the hospital today as i recieved a consulatant appt letter and they said they have either lost or never recieved my gp referal form!

so no scan or booking appt have been booked for me!

the gp has now faxed another copy so im hoping to phone tomoro and they will have sorted it all!

good job i had the initiative to phone them ay!

cant wait for my scan the first 12 weeks take so long!

hope ur all well xxx


  • blimey! thats awful!

    keep chasing them hun!

    i agree that the first twelve weeks are taking FOREVER to pass... can't wait until i have my scan so that i can start telling people image

    i hope you get your appointments all sorted soon!

    BB x
  • I had my booking in app today and am 10wks exactly! I have had nothing before now and am only getting referred today so am not seeing midwife til 12weeks and goodness knows when scan will be. Last time i had booking in at 8wks, midwife at 10wks and bloods taken then scan and nuchal test etc at 12wks. The nurse even said to me "wow you are very far on for a booking in app arent you!" - it was them that made the app tho!! Good job you chased!
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