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FAO gemlou81u

Hi thanks for replying to my thread, it is good to hear of someone else that has also been taking the same as me. I think that you are a couple of weeks ahead of me (I am 14 weeks today) so do you mind me asking if you are still taking the steroids and clexane? Also what dose of steroids are/were you on? Is this the first pregnancy that you have taken them with?

Sorry if I am being nosey and feel free not to answer any questions that you don't want to but I don't know anyone else that has been taking the same medication and have been quite worried about it so it would be great to hear from you.

Thanks xx


  • Hi sorry been on holiday for a week!

    Of course I don't mindimage I'm on prednisalone 20 mg and I will be for the next couple of weeks I think? I'm seeing my gyn tommorrow so will find out then il let you know!!

    This is the first pregnancy where iv been on these drugs apart from cyclogest (pessaries)

    So far so good tho!!

    Feel free to ask away!! Xx
  • Hi Hope that you had a good holiday.

    Did I read somewhere that you are from Kent? If so what hospital do you go to?

    When did you start the prednisolone/clexane/cyclogest?

    Hope that your appointment goes ok tomorrow, look forward to hearing what the consultant says. xx
  • Yes I'm from Orpington, I went to chelsfield hospital for ivf and my consultant is mr steer!

    I started prednisalone just before egg collection and started the rest after transfer.

    Got my dates mixed upimage it's next week!!!! Which is so annoying as iv had a bleed again this week! Never mind I do have baby brain!! Where are you from? X
  • I had a feeling that you were going to say that you were seeing Mr Steer, in fact hubby said it before I even said that I thought that you were from Kent!! I have been seeing him too but at Orpington hospital. I have a feeling that he is away this week.

    I saw him last week (after the normal 2 hours wait)and he stopped my medication (well I am weaning off the prednisololne so am down to 5mg a day now hurray!). It is so good to have stopped the injections. How have you found them? you must have been on them for a lot longer than me.

    Has he said why you keep bleeding? xx
  • He's a nightmare for being late!! I waited three hours once at Orpington hospital! But you can't be mad at him because you get so excited to see him! He was very vague as to why I was bleeding tbh and he didn't really give me an explanation! Tracey at epu at farnborough was more helpful, she said that sometimes people just bleed and that's it!!!! It's nothing to do with my baby apparently so that's good. I have a fetal heart monitor so I check hb all the time.

    I'm finding it taking my med very tedious now, and the bruises on my massive stomach are hideous when I was on hol people just stared all the time!

    I wonder if hel reduce my prednisalone too! Did you have it for nkc? X
  • He is pretty vague about everything!! Tracey at the EPU is lovely isn't she.

    Yes I was on the meds for nkc. When I started on them he said that it would be until 14 weeks then at 10 weeks I asked again and he said possibly until 20 weeks but then when I saw him last week at 14 +2 he said I could stop the clexane and pessaries and reduce the pred which I will finish this Friday. I don't really know why he said I could stop but was too happy to stop the injections to ask!!

    My belly bruises are beginning to fade! xx
  • Yes she is lovely!! Bit manic sometimes but I suppose it's because she's so busy!!! I'm not seeing her now as she only goes up to 16 weeks, but tbh I feel like I don't need scans as often now, the bleedings not nice but I don't get so panicked anymore. I thought I would be on pred for the whole pregnancy? And stop the cyclogest and clexane.

    Thanks for replying to my other post, it is reassuring to hear bubba ! Baby been moving about a bit today had quite a few flutterings !

    How many weeks are you now? Are you having ur baby at pru? X
  • It does get hectic at the EPU doesn't it, I have been there so many times although not this time as in between Mr Steers scans I have been to the EPU at my local hospital.

    I guess the length of time you need to stay on the medication is individual and depends on your history. My mc have always been early on and so I think that having got to this stage he felt that I didn't need them anymore - it is good to be stopping them but I now only have 2 days left of the prednisolone and do feel a bit nervous about what will happen to baby when I have stopped it completely. I also already have 3 children which might make a difference.

    I was seeing Mr Steer because another consultant that I saw doesn't believe in medication at all and keeps saying that my mc are just one of those things and that he is sure I will have another normal pregnancy - in fact I saw him when I was pregnant last time and he said I would be fine with that one then I got home and 2hours later started to bleed and mc! So I don't have much faith in him and didn't really want to lose any more babies based on his belief that I would have a successful pregnancy soon!

    I am out of area under Darent Valley Hospital although I hope to have another home birth. I am 15 +3 days xx
  • Hi how did your appointment go? x
  • Hiya

    Was great thank you! I'm off all the meds now! Iv had to wean off prednisalone tho and on my last two days! Found out I'm having a boy at that app too!! He's moving about a lot nowimage how's things for you? X
  • Hi

    Glad you are off the medication, you must be pleased!! Have your bruises gone yet? Mine took about 2 weeks and it is great to have a bruise free tummy!!

    Will you still be seeing Mr Steer?

    I am getting lots of litle movements now as well which is lovely. I am also having a boy! xx
  • Hi Hun

    Brusises gone now!!! Was getting very tedious taking med! Then you about not taking them!! Saw mr steer 2 weeks ago and will see him in another three weeks! Had anomaly scan today and all is perfect I'm so pleased and relieved image

    Congratulations on having a boy! Any names yet??

    What have you bought so far? X
  • Hi How are you? I have been on holiday and then my laptop broke so haven't been on here for ages!!

    Glad your scan went well. I have mine on Monday so am a bit nervous that everything is ok after the steroids etc.

    Are you still on asprin?

    I haven't really brought anything apart from a few clothes as I already have 2 boys but we need a new pram so have been looking at them! What have you brought? xx
  • Hi!!

    I don't really come on here anymore as much, I'm on baby and bump there's a lot more threads and answers if you post something! Not as personal as be though unFortunately!

    20 week scan went well, he's doing really well and iv stopped bleeding now so that's a bonus!! Still on aspirin till 34 weeks but glad I'm not taking all the other meds. Feel a lot more confident everything going to be fine now he's kicking me all the time!!image don't need the fettle heart monitor anymore!!

    Iv put the deposit down for the furniture that gets delivered the end of august and iv yet to order my pram, but I know what one I want so all good!! Bought lots of baby gros and vests but no outfits as of yet, ooh also got steriliser as it was on special!!! So exciting!!! Where are you having your scan?? And how are you doing?? Xxx
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