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First time Mums - feeling any flutters yet?

Hi ladies,

I'm 16 weeks today and really can't wait to start feeling the baby move. The midwife listened in to him/her last week and there were lots of kicks and movements so it will be great when I can feel it. My sister first felt her baby at 16 weeks so I'm hoping it won't be too much longer.

Has anyone felt their baby's movements yet and what did it feel like?


  • Nope, nothing for me yet.

    Thought I might have felt something the other day but it could have been wind lol.

    Cannot wait to feel movement image

    BB xx
  • Hiya,

    I am 18 weeks today, and over the last 2/3 days I have started to get what feels like pops or bubbles.... they are really low down.

    But from what I have read it seems that's the sort of feelings you get before you start to feel proper kicks..?

    I can't wait to feel proper kicks, its so exciting!

    Love TW xxx
  • This is my second baby, but with my first I didnt feel him until 21/22 weeks as I had an anterior placenta grrrrrr.

    My first kicks felt like what I can only describe as a goldfish in a bag when it hits the side......random but thats what it felt like to me.

    I thought I was feeling this pregnancy but I dont think I was as scan confirmed another anterior placenta booooo

  • G/C from DIS.

    I felt my first at 21 weeks image and on this one I have been feeling movements since 16 weeks (now 22 weeks) I get the every day now and baby especially likes it when I am typing at my computer so an excuse to send lots of emails and reply to posts lol
  • Im a 2nd timer but 1st time i felt the flutters about 16/17wks - felt like a butterfly in my lower tummy, very light taps. This time i felt a couple of flutters about 12wks and at 14wks ive felt 2-3 proper movements but very few and far between at the moment. Cant wait til i feel them all the time as its so reassuring.
  • Hi, I had 4 kicks at 16 weeks but I think thats because my ovaries are still very swollen and I think the baby bumped into it!! Iv been having flutterings and also while on hol had a further couple of kicks!!
  • This is my second baby but with my little boy I first had flutters when i was 18 weeks and proper defiante movement by 20 weeks.

    This time round id noticed that my 12 week scan report stated that my placenta was anterior but i thought that i could feel flutters from around week 15, when i had my 16 week check up my Midwife asked if id been feeling anything and i told her i thought i had but couldnt have if the placenta was at the front but she said you could still feel because the placenta doesnt cover the whole area and the flutters were to my side rather than in the middle.

    Im 18 weeks today and am definatly feeling wriggles now! I put my hand into my waistband of my trousers tonight as they were feeling a bit tight and uncomfortable and i must have prodded the baby because it shot out of position and seemed to somersalt! made me cry out the feeling was so funny and unexpected!

    The baby must be wriggling out of way of the placenta as from what iv read i dont think the placenta moves position?
  • nothing from mine yet, i was laying in bed this morning (really needed a wee! so full bladder) i had a poke of my belly and it was amazing, it was like i could feel it. i got very excited!
  • I think I have been feeling baby move in the last few days, when laying in bed before falling asleep and just after waking up if I lay very still, I can feel light tapping, it is very low down and more to each of the sides, on Saturday there was one that felt a lot harder then a tap still not a proper kick but it made me jump. But who knows could just be wind, it is so hard to tell lol x
  • Hi Ladies,

    i'm a first timer and i was wondering if i'd been feeling slight movements but i definately know i felt the baby the other week when i was driving me and hubs home from a night out, i was 16+6. It was like a ripple of butterflies moving right across my tummy, hubs was gutted he couldn't feel it. I feel it now quite a bit i can't wait to feel a definate kick!! although i probably won't be saying that when its keeping me up at night!!! :lol:

  • Baby kicked now 3 nights in a row!! Shocking when it happens!! But lovely at the same timeimage x
  • Ah, must be lovely for those of you feeling movements. I'm 17 weeks now nothing yet.
  • I am pretty sure that I felt the baby! I woke up in the middle of the night to a feeling of rapid tapping in my tummy. It happened twice and felt like someone drumming their fingers on a table. I want to feel it again!

  • I felt first proper kick with ds at 20 weeks, though had felt slight bubbly feeling prior to that. Have been feeling this baby since 16 weeks, kicks many times every day - it's lovely image

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