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Hi... I would like to join you...

Hi, I have a 2 year old DS already but suffered 4 miscarriages since so I have been very scared to join but now I feel baby number 2 kicking I feel ok to join !!!

Got my 20 wk scan on Tuesday which I am really looking forward to seeing him/her again. I am so very tempted to find out if pink or blue but I really don't think I will on the day... My husband doesn't want to.

I am very excited for baby number 2 and already looking forward to finishing work ha ha !!! :lol::lol:

I hope you are all well and look forward to sharing experiences with you, Although it was only 2 years since I had my little boy you do forget lots of things ! I am already carriying a huge bump

image !!


  • Hello and welcome.

    COngratulations on your pregnancy, its good to hear everything is going well and you are feeling movements! I bet you are excited about the scan. I'm the same, I could be tempted to find out the sex, but hubby doesn't want to so we probably won't. I didn't with my DS (17 months) and think it would be nice to have a surprise again.

    It is sometimes a bit quiet on here, but we have a facebook group going which is very busy if you fancy joining.

  • Hi Welcome to DIO, I am expecting my 4th but have also had 4 miscarriages so know how scared you have been feeling.

    We had a private scan last Friday as I have been on lots of medication to prevent another mc so wanted to check that everything is ok as it is still a few weeks before my next scan. We found out what we are having but aren't going to say for now x
  • Thanks for replies. I have been for scan and never found out !

    Was sooo tempted !

    ARG4 - Did they put you on asprin ? I have been taking asprin since I found out and also high doseage of folic or have they given you something else ?
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