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Nervous for my 20 week scan tomorrow

I have my 20 week scan tomorrow and im soo nervous! Not sure why :roll:

When i had my 20 week scan with my little boy it didnt occur to me that anything could be wrong (and it wasnt thankfully) i was just too excited to find out the colour! but this time we have agreed to stay team yellow and im a lot more nervous this time round!

I have an anterior placenta so only really feeling little wriggles and have been prodding and poking to get a reaction all day, come home my 3yr old starts giggling and shouting and sets the baby off! hope its not a sign of things to come :lol:

Anyway... less than 24 hours to go... and maybe baby will make itself known which colour image


  • ooo good luck! and hope you get lots of fab pics image

    BB xx
  • Hi, hope all went well. Had mine today and thank god, all is ok. I too have been really worried ! Only got 2 pictures though. With my ds we got got a few good ones.

  • Hiya

    All was fine image

    Baby was lying feet down which i had guessed as thats where i feel little kicks. She was really good - she did my last 20 week scan with my little boy over 3yrs ago i dint recognise her but she said she had read my notes!

    She spent ages going over everything and asked if we wanted to find out the sex and i said we didnt but not to avoid any areas. At this point I looked at my husband and knew i could of convinced him to find out but i stayed strong :lol:

    She showed us the heart, kidneys, bladder, spine etc and i had to bounce my bum up in the air so that she could get a better view of the heart but she said all was normal.

    Hubby thought he had seen something so at the end i asked her if we had wanted to find out could she have told us and she said no the baby had its legs crossed throughout. I knew if i hadnt clarified that hubby would have been teasing me till Oct!!

    When i got home i checked what she wrote in my notes and she had written 'placenta posteria' but at my 12 weeks it was noted as 'anteterior' - i didnt think it could change position??? will ask my midwife but im not back there until end of July image

    Still feels a bit unreal - after my last one with my son we had found out he was a boy so i went and bought a blue teddy that he still sleeps with now and his coming home outfit... feel like i havent really havent marked the occassion!

    MB - Pleased your scan was ok, its such a relief isnt it?!(We got four really good pictures)
  • Glad both your scans went well.

    And well done for saying team yellow! I cracked far too easily last week! X
  • Glad your scan went well. I have mine tomorrow and like you I am much more nervous this time around than last time. I think that since I've had my DD and met more people who've been through the process I now realise that finding problems at this stage isn't as rare as I thought.

    Well done you on staying strong and not finding out the sex. We didn't last time around but would like to this time around if we can.


    20 weeks today
  • Hey hun

    glad all was well at your scan as for your placenta position it doesnt change position but as your uterus grows and moves up your tummy your placenta moves with it so thats why it would ahve been anterior and now posterior x x
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