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Hello everyone,

Just thought I would join you lovely ladies as my first child is also due in October, 25th.

After a rocky start to the pregnancy with my first scan and bloodwork put me at high risk for Down's, I went for the amnio test and all is well.

I am currently 18 weeks (from the 24th May) and I due to having the test I can find out the sex of the baby earlier than the 20 week scan. Just waiting for a phone call by the end of the week, so excited.

Hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to reading the threads image



  • HI Welcome to DIO. It is pretty quiet here with a lot of people on facebook.

    I am due on the 24th October and expecting my 4th although have also had a stressful pregnancy so far following 4 mc and being on lots of medication to stop another one.

    Glad everything is fine for you now, try to start enjoying being pregnant and if you haven't already you will start to feel little movements soon xx
  • Hello and congrats,

    It's very very quite over here, everyone seems to be on Facebook instead!

    Hope you and bump are well x
  • Hi! We have a lovely little Facebook group going if any of you lovely ladies want to come and join image promise we are all lovely and friendly image

    BB x
  • Hi!

    I am due 27th October so another late one. I have my scan next week and cant wait to see bubba again, espcially as its really kicking me now so it seems so much more real. I have a little girl already and shes so excited about the baby in mummys tummy - bet she'll have a real shock when it comes out tho!!

    Glad everythings ok after the rocky start for you x
  • Hello and welcome

    Did you find out what you are having?

    Glad to hear all was ok with the test x
  • How did the scan go hun?
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