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Born at 24 weeks gestation

Please pray for my friends little girl. She was born 16 weeks early (was due 26th October) yesterday morning weighing 1lb 10oz, but so far is doing ok. I can't begin to imagine how my friend and her husband are feeling. x


  • I can't imagine how your friend is feeling and I hope they are all ok in the end. Just to say that in sep we have a little boy starting in our class who was born at 24+2 and although he is small he is very bright and has lovely skills and language and no other problems now x
  • Just to give you an update on my friends baby.

    They've called her Keira Dawn and she'll be 4 weeks old on Tuesday.

    Obviously they've had their good days and their bad days (glad to say more good than bad), but fingers crossed she seems to be fighting.

    She's taking tube feeds of expressed milk really well and has been fighting the ventilator to breath on her own so they extubated her 2 days ago and now she's just on the CPAP.

  • lovely to read your update. it sounds positive so far, fingers crossed for them all xx
  • Glad shes doing ok - what a little fighter!
  • How is she doing now hun?
  • Hi, she's been moved from a level 3 to a level 2 scbu unit a bit closer to where my friend lives. They're hoping to have her home at the end of October which is when she would have been due. She's spending upto 8 hours a day without any oxygen assistance and is now 3lb 12oz and finally fits in premature baby clothes so her mum is enjoying getting to dress her up.

    Thank you for your concern.

  • I pray that she keeps on improving your story has brought me to tears- i am near that mark myself and could not imagine the fear they must be feeling.

    Please keep us updated my thoughts and wishes are with them all x x
  • Just to let you all know, my friend has been told she and her husband need to watch the resuscitate a baby video, bring the pushchair in for test driving and generally prepare themselves, which generally means they're a matter of days/week from Keira coming home :0)

  • G/C but thats wonderful news. Im almost 24 weeks and have been hoping for an update! Thrilled for them and baby Keira x
  • Just to let you all know.

    14 weeks ago today Keira was born at 24 weeks and 6 days gestation weighing a tiny 1lb her parents got to take her home - weighing 4lb 13ozs and 1 week before her due date.

    Miracles can happen
  • Aww that's lovely news. Had a wee tear in my eye reading that x
  • Brilliant news. So pleased for Keira and her proud Mommy and Daddy x
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