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Hi...newbie here

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am a first time mum to be, expecting 4th October. Getting excited as well as nervous but I cannt wait to see him/her. I'd love to hear from anyone who wants a chinwag or say hi.

Could someone let me know how to get the signatures set up too?

Thank you

Angie x


  • Hiya!

    Its very quiet around these parts lately! Congratulations and good luck...

    This is my 1st and i'm due 10th Oct. Yippee!

    Sara. x
  • We are all in a little (well not so little) Facebook group. If you want to be added just drop me a mssg on here image

    BB x
  • Hi Sara,

    Congratulations to you too!! Not long to go for you either image I hope everything is going well and your not getting kicked about too much!! I am feeling too old for this, I am 40 on 19th September and all I can say to that is eeeeek!!! Still little babe will keep me young ha ha! What are you up to for the weekend?

    Angie x
  • Hi BB,

    Thanks for your reply; I'd love to join the facebook group if thats ok with you guys. My facebook name is Angie Pennock.

    Look forward to it; have a fab weekend.

    Angie x
  • Hi Angie,

    Sorry only just seen this! I'm being kicked and punched all day long at the moment. This little one will be grounded as soon as he's born at this rate! I'm 32 and it's my first baby... wanted to be a mummy for a long time though but still very nervous. Don't think i'll believe it until he is here in my arms, can't wait for that first cuddle. image

    How's your pregnancy been so far then? Mine has been relatively easy i guess, just started getting the aches and pains and restless nights but otherwise not too bad!

    Hope you're well.

  • Hi Sara,

    Its great to hear from you; sounds like you have a busy little baby in there. I have been noticing loads of movement too; there is no peace for the wicked! I agree its all rather scarey and I have left it to the last minute to have a baby; I am 40 next Monday not that I feel like it. I guess I have been too busy working and partying. Both of us have about three weeks left dont we; I cant wait to see what Bean looks like and I just cannot believe how quick this pregnancy has gone.

    Me and my partner went to our first antenatel class last night and it was a really good and reassuring too. I suffered with migraine during the first three/four months of pregnancy but other than that everything has gone ok. I think its now that everything is difficult as I am only getting a few hours sleep now; thank god I am on maternity leave...I can have lots of rest during the day image

    I won a lovely new pair of red shoes on ebay but cant wear them yet as my feet are so swollen; am gutted!!! I keep dreaming of new clothes too!!

    Its all good fun!!! :lol:

    Angie xx

    xSarax hear
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