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Baby Harry arrived!!

Hi everyone hope your all well, that's if any of you are stil on here!?! It was sooooo quiet, I went over to baby and bump for the rest of the pregnancy!

Anyway, Harry arrived at 38 weeks 5 days ago!! I won't go to much into the birth as it was a crash c sec and was traumatic! Don't want to scare you allimage but we are doing fine! My son is beautiful!!! And amazing and everything I have ever wanted and wished for!!! Breast feeding going superb and I'm on top of things even tho it's been 5 days.

Just want to say to the people that might read this and remember me from lttc, please don't give up hope, youl look back one day and itl be a distant memory the problems and the heartache that youv had to face. It's all worth it to get that little bundle in the end.

And to all that are due this month.. Good luck and look forward to hearing about your lovely. Babies xxxx also will upload some photos when I get time xxxxx


  • Hi!

    Congratulations! We all went over to a facebook group instead of posting here in the end!

    Glad Harry is doing well image

    BB x
  • Thanksimage I'm not on fb unfortunately good luck to you all lots of love xx
  • Congrats hun thats fab!!!
  • Gemlou

    Congrats to you Hun and well done on Harry. I hope all the drama with the OHSS is all a distant memory. I am still plugging away with the TTC but really hope I will get there soon. Enjoy!

  • Hi sorry I have only just seen this as I don't come on here very often. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of Harry. I hope everything is still going well. How are you finding being a mum? I am so glad you finally have your little boy after everything you have been through xxx
  • Hi arg4

    He is lovely thank you!! I absolutely love being a mumimage it was what I was born to do!!!! From my earliest memory I wanted to be a mummy !! He's putting on weight lovely!!! How are you Hun? Xx
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