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I have no idea how to feel, I had 2 bfps last sunday and worked out edd would be 4th oct, I took another 2 tests on thursday before I booked a doctors appt and they both were negative! I havent had any bleeding though and still having the sypmtoms (tiredness etc) have no idea what to think, I guess i'll just have to book doc appt tomorrow, really nervous now though!


  • Just a general question as to when you took the tests (what time of day & had you eaten/drunk anything before hand). Most accurate results will come with the first wee of the day as it is the least likely to be affected with drinks/foods.
  • Hello Lauzie01 just wondered if you got to see the doc today and what did they say?? FCx
  • Hey all

    Haven't got down to docs yet, ds has been full of a cold so didnt want to drag him out in this weather. Still having symptoms so im definently going down in the morning, will let you know how it goes image

    How did your appointment go cathy7827?
  • Thats great news hun, glad you got your positive result!

    I didnt get any answers today, the doctor took some blood so just waiting on results, dont know how much more waiting I can handle!
  • I was thinking about, but think I might just wait for the blood results to come back, then I can be 100% positive about the answer.
  • Any news?? Hope all is OK and bloods were good??!!

  • Heya, haven't had my results yet, literally have to do it yourself if you want any answers from that doctors, im going crazy now! Being sick all week so im sure I am but still getting negatives! Have read stories where ladies have had negatives right up to 5 months before getting a positive so im trying to stay hopeful.

    Hope you are ok xx
  • hi lauzie ,

    gc from due in march , dont want to get your hopes up but just wanted to tell you my friend whose baby is now 13 weeks old did not get a bfp until she was about 9 weeks despite having all her symptons , even doctors couldnt get a positive from her, so hopefully its the same for you hun!

    pb+b 35+4
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