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Getting to know each other...

Seen as there are a couple more of us I thought it'd be nice for us to get to know each other- I'll start image

I'm Mrs J, I'm 22 & DH is 27. We have a beautiful 18 month old little boy, Archie & this bubs will be our second. We decided to TTC on new years eve and we feel extremely lucky to have fallen in our first month. We got married in august last year & as a few months as a family of 3, we can't wait to have a little brother or sister for Archie.

I currently work in a clothes shop part time & DH is a landscape gardener. We live in Nottingham & are currently under a huge blanket of snow!

Looking forward to getting to know you all xx


  • Hi

    I'm Cheryl, I'm 29 hubby is 31. We got married in june and decided to stop birth control and just see what happens. We thought it would have taken a lot longer as i have very irregular periods and had convinced myself that i didn't ovulate as had all the symptoms of anovulation. Also hubby works away 3 weeks at a time. I got some ovulation sticks mostly so i could get as much info together ready for when i went to the doctors to get help. but to my surprise i got a positive result and now im pregnant. I work in a lab with lots of chemicals that can be dangerous to the unborn child so had to tell work the day i found out. We live in Great Yarmouth and we are also covered in snow image
  • I'm 34 (old) amd so is DH. We are both soo excited and pleased about this pregnancy.

    I have a beautiful toddler who is a little nutter. She is 15 months old and the best fun ever. It took us a long time to get her. Briefly we fell pg Dec 08 after a few months ttc, had m/c at 9 weeks feb 09. We were devestated. Then my af disappeared for a full year. Ended up being diagnosed with PCOS, took Clomid Feb 10 and fell first cycle. Then came off mini pill Aug 11, didn't prevent til Xmas, actively tried this month and amazingly here I am!!! Phew!

    I'm a teacher and live in Scotland.


  • Hello,

    im lindsey (32) and Dhaka is (35). We have a dsdfy, who is nearly 20months. we got married in Nov 2011 and have been ttc since then. sadly we had an early mc in Dec so hoping this bean will stick. before ds we also experienced a mc so hoping will follow the same pattern and this one will cause me no troubles. due date should be around 11th Oct!!

    Im a nurse and work part time with having our lo.

    Look forward to getting to know you all x
  • Ok so Ive been lurking since Friday after finding out 11 dpo. I darent get too comfy here yet as Hubby and I have had 1 successful pregnancy out of 4!

    I'm Amy (27) and Hubby is Stu (26) we live in North East England with our grorgeous little lad, Adam, who lit up our lives in October 2009 (2 yr 3 mths) We also have 3 large dogs as dog rescue is my line of work. Although I do only work 2 days a wk now after ds. Im very nervous about mc this time as well as if the pregnancy carries on then worrid Ill suffer from severe SPD like last pregnancy. With a toddler I really dont know how Ill cope if I end up on crutches at 26 weeks again but hey itll b well worth it.

    So, thats about me lol, I hope you dont mind but Im gonna take a back seat for the time being just incase the worst happens. Hopefully Ill still be here when were all looking for birth buddies right at the end image

    Hope everyone is well and looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing this amazing journey with some lovely ladies

    Amy 4+1 x
  • Hi all!

    I step with trepidation into the forum!

    My name is Sam, I'm 34, DH is 37. We got married in Nov 2008 and have been ttc since then! Had a bfp on Weds and am elated and paniced in equal measures!! I have worked out that my due date will be 17th October! ( I think?!)

    Am looking forward to getting to know you all!

    Sticky baby dust to all!!
  • Hey Every one

    Im Cody 20 OH 23, we stopped the pill in august but didnt start trying till january and was lucky enough to fall pregnant in the first month image i work full time as a nursery nurse so constantly around children and OH is a electrician. Im currently only 5 weeks and 2 days can not wait for the scan but cant help but worry i need to stop i know i'll just end up causing more harm than good!

    I look forward to getting to know you all!

  • Congratulations & welcome to everyone! Time seem to be standing still for anyone else? We found out last Friday and that seems so long ago already xx
  • Only found out wednesday and it feels like it is still wednesday image I thought the days would be flying by! Every one says its the last few weeks that take forever but atm i can see it being these 12 weeks because i've only got my close friend and family to talk to about it and i dont want to buy or even look for any think because so worried to jinx it being first time pregnant! Hopefully it will start to fly by for us! x
  • Haha Cas, I found out Wednesday too and it definitely still feels like Wednesday!! Here's hoping the next 8 weeks fly by!! xx
  • Hello! I found out last Sat that I am pg again! I have an 8 month old son and only stopped breast feeding last month and fell pg straight away! Not sure how far gone I am could be anywhere between 6-9 weeks so due either end of Sept or beginning of Oct. Very shocked but delighted about BFP!

    Before having my son I was told I could not concieve naturally. It took me 18 months to prove them wrong but then I had a mmc at 13 weeks followed by another mc at 7 weeks 9 months later. Finally fell pg with my son last Sept and he was worth everything!! Hoping my body now knows what it is doing!

    MrDAO I think I remember you from lttc I was there from 2008 to Oct 2010.

    I am a secondary science teacher and live in Nottingham. Mrs J whereabouts are you in Notts? I live in Sherwood
  • Ah muffin I'm literally up the road from you in Arnold! Small world ay! Congratulations, what fantastic news for you after all you've been through xx
  • Hello ladies, and Amy/Goldiemad I am now living in North East England too, Co. Durham where about's are you?x
  • Hello

    Thought I'd introduce myself on here too.

    So, I'm going to be 33 in March and my husband is 42. We have a wonderful son who will be 2 in April. We decided to start TTC for baby no.2 in January this year and fell pregnant in the second cycle - we found out on Friday. Our baby will be due around 27 October.

    This has all happened so fast that it has caught me a little off guard. As delighted as I am, I have been waking up a bag of nerves in the night every night since Friday (ok, so that's only two nights so far). Why am I so frightened?

    I also have a big hurdle to tackle in that I am still breastfeeding my LO (he has two feeds a day including a night feed as we both find it so comforting). I guess this might sound a little strange to some people and I certainly didn't intend to BF for so long but I suppose we are so emotionally attached to it. Anyway, I won't be able to BF for very much longer (at 5 months my milk will turn into colostrum and my DS won't want this) so I'm trying to think of ways to gently wean him off before this happens.

    I'm sorry for such a long post - it's so nice to be able to chat to other people who are also newly 'in the family way'.

    I hope you are all feeling ok at the moment - anyone with morning sickness yet?

  • Hi i am Naomi and i am 30 in 2 weeks. Hubby is 30 already. We got married in Sept 2006 and had ds1 in Nov 07. We then had ds2 in Oct 09.

    We live in York. I am a community care worker (although a trained teacher) and hubby is an architectural technician. Ds1 goes to local nursery 5 afternoons a week and ds2 goes to local playgroup 1 afternoon a week.

    We always knew we wanted 3 however we were not actively trying. However with my boys i got pg first month so isn't a surprise i got pg easily again. Will be interesting as currently live in 2bed house.

    I Will be classed as high risk this time as had 10lb baby last time and had blood transfusion afterwards. I was quite poorly!

    Anyway. Hope you are all well.


  • Hi Ladies,

    I'm 30, OH is 36 and we got married in September. I came off the pill end of December and fell pregnant almost straight away with our first baby. All going well I am due on 17th October.

    We live in London and have a huge puppy who is our high maintenance first born image

    We are sooo happy and excited but at the same time nervous and almost too scared to plan anything! After my 12wk scan on 3rd April I think we'll relax a bit.

    Time is going so slowly for me too.

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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