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bit of bleeding

had a bit of bleeding today just brown so trying not to worry to much. call the out of hours doctors and they said to rest and let them know if it gets worse which it hasn't. still a bit worried though.


  • Hello cherylbear,

    Just gatecrashing but wanted to say hope you are alright - take it easy and fingers crossed its just some old bedding in bleeding. Although easy to say try not to worry too much at this stage - its good that its not gotten worse.

    Love and hugs to you.

    Apple x
  • Aw you poor thing - such a worry if you see blood.

    As apple said tho it's probably implantation adn should be nothing to worry about as it was brown and not too much.

    Hope you're ok

  • thanks guys it seems to stopped now and it was very light but i couldn't help but worry. feeling much better now hopefully no more scary moments like that.
  • just seen this, glad the spotting us lighter. i had bleeds with my 1st pregnant and it worries the hell out of u x
  • just can't wait to have my scan but thats still 6 weeks away i just want to see that everything is ok
  • Hi,

    Just to say that if it is really worrying you then you can turn up to your local early pregnancy unit and they will probably do a scan for you which should hopefully put your mind at rest but like the others have said bleeding is fairly common in early pregnancy x
  • Cherylbear your local epu probably would see you. You need to go back to your GP and make it clear how anxious you are and they should refer you! I hope you get to see a strong heart beat very soon!!
  • Hi thanks everything has been alright since and i've got my first appointment with the midwife on weds, im thinking it must just have been implantation or something like that.
  • Glad to hear that Cheryl! Hope midwife app goes well xx
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