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No symptoms

Hi ladies

I'm pregnant with my first child, due on 2nd October, but have virtually no symptoms apart from being a little tired and with mega sore boobs. Anybody else like this?



  • Me too and my boobs arn't really sore only a little on the nipples if i catch them wrong. all i've really had is funny stomach twinges which im not sure if they are related or just wind but im noticing it more because im looking for symptoms.
  • thank goodness for that! i had felt a lot of pulling movements early on, and felt really tired, but that all stopped really suddenly last week. got me kinda worried, but the midwife isn't too concerned. can't wait for the first scan though so that i know it's all ok - only 6 weeks to wait!!
  • thats exactly how i feel think ill just be worried until i've had my scan. I've got my first midwife appointment next week so really looking forward to having a good chat and finding out about everything.
  • I'm the same, I'm tired, but no more than usual really after having a bad weekend with my son sleep wise. Having the pulling and twinges that I remember with my son. Feeling a bit sick but I think im coming down with something rather than morning sickness! X
  • im the same, hardly any symptoms! its worrying me s little to be honest. i keep telling myself not to worry as im sure i didn't start getting obvious symptoms until 6-8 weeks with my ds and then they faded away at 10 weeks. x
  • anyone any symptoms yet??
  • I am tired but my dd has a cold so not sleeping well, other than that I have no symptoms, didn't really the first time. Had to wait for my first scan to make sure and believe I was actually pregnant.x
  • Have more pulling in my tummy and a few shootin pains in my boobs but that's it! I'm finding it really hard to believe this time round, I'm pushing hubby for an early scan! Xx
  • Still nothing major for me at all. Sore boobs have really eased off now and all I have is nausea. feels strange not to feel anything or have any symptoms!
  • I still have no symptoms!! I'm 5 weeks and 4 days today. I'd love an early scan to reassure myself!! I know when/if I get symptoms I'll be wishing I didn't have them lol!
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