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A bit worried!

As the title says I am abit worried as have some red blood when I wipe, but nothing on my pants or any pains etc... I have been running around alot planning my dd 1st birthday tomorrow and my mum says I should be in bed but there is so much to do. I am resting this evening in bed when I get little one to bed but don't know if I need to phone midwife or doctor etc?x


  • Hi,

    Hopefully its just bedding in and nothing more serious. My friend had bleeding at the start of her pregnancy and went on to have a healthy boy. My last pregnancy unfortunately ended up in MC but when I first started to bleed I rang EPU and they said unless i was flooding a pad within an hour there was little point in going in and advised to stay at home.

    Try and take it as easy as possible with a 1 year old, avoid heavy lifting etc.

    fingers crossed alls ok,

    kim x
  • Oh no how worrying for you hon.

    I have a 15 month old and do a serious amount of lifting and racing around too so know how hard it is to rest.

    I would say monitor it. If your instinct is that it is worrying then phone your epu. My first pg ended in mc and they saw and scanned me when I started spotting so it might be worth a try.

    Remember bleeding can be normal in pregnancy too.

    Have a super day tomorrow xxx
  • id give your gprs or midwife a ring tomorrow. I've had 2 mc and with both i wasn't scanned. i was examined though to rule out topic. i bleed 3 times with my dsdfy which sounds very much like what your describing. the first 2 bleeds were at 6 and 8 weeks and i was sent for scans for both and saw my.little bean with a strong heartbeat. my mc's were very different, painful and bright red blood straight away.

    hope u manage to get some reassurance. let us know how you are tomorrow x
  • hi. poor you - i really feel for you. i had lots of bleeding with my first - gushing blood that filled a pad in seconds - sorry for the info - but all turned out ok. i had a blood clot that needed to come out one way or another. i also saw a very down to earth (some might say harsh!) consultant who said - it will go one way or the other but there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the outcome! he definitely did not suggest i should be resting! so i would try not to worry on that score.

    i have had three pregnancies, one ending in mc. i had some bleeding for both the other pregnancies but no pain. the pain - for me - was very unmistakeable when i was miscarrying. but everyone is different.

    i would see how you go on tomorrow. some doctors and midwifes will send you straight for a scan. others are pretty relaxed about it.

    really hope all turns out ok.

  • Thank you all for your responses, it is the same today but more like cm which is red and stringy and again only when I wipe. I wanted to see how it is today and if the same will go to the doctor tomorrow. I don't have any pain so I am hoping it is noting to worry about and will just get on and enjoy the day spoiling my dd.x
  • Hi Apricotmoon, I do hope it's nothing to worry about! maybe you've just been overdoing things; with number 1 you've chance to get your feet up but when you've got a little one to run around after it must be hard to slow down and take it easy. When I was pg with DS my sister wouldn't even let me pick up her 1 year old DD. FC all is fine xx
  • Hi Hun, sorry to hear this. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, I had this with my DS, turned out to be breakthrough bleeding. I'm sure your bean is just getting all comfty, put your feet up and chill later on image Hope your DD has had a wonderful day xx
  • Thank you ladies, I haven't had time to worry today, had such a great day with birthday loveliness everywhere. Will rest up this evening and watch O.B.E.M on channel 4.
  • That's great! what is your DD called? enjoy OBEM!! x
  • Thank you carioke, my dd is called Zea.x
  • Wow that's a lovely name! If we have a DD hubby wants a really different name! take care x
  • Well Zea is Latin for Grain and my real name is Gr????inne which is an Irish name that mean Goddess of Grain so we chose the name because of the association with my name...I really hope there won't be a lot of Zea's running around as I chose an unusual name for that reason.
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