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Hello - I'm a Newbie

Hello ladies

There's loads of you in this forum!

I just wanted to say hello and please may I join you?

I got my BFP yesterday morning and confirmed it again this morning!!!! I just can't quite believe it! image

We have a 22 month old boy already and we decided to try for no. 2 in January. We fell on the second month of trying - last time round it took rather a lot longer and I was expecting it to be the same this time round!

I've been feeling tired and a tiny bit nauseous but most of all I've been getting a lot of mild AF type cramps - is this normal and has anyone else been getting these?

Really looking forward to getting to know you guys - I see a lot of familiar names on here from the TTC forum.

Take care image



  • Hi madders, congratulations on your bfp & welcome! I've been getting AF cramps too, every few days it takes my breath away, but I do remember it with my son. Here's to a happy & healthy 9 months xx
  • Hey Madders!

    Congratulations hun!! I've been getting AF type cramps too, also completely exhausted!!

    In the words of Mrs J, here's to a happy and healthy 9 months!!

  • Thanks you two! I sort of remember the cramps from the first time round but really it's like this is the first time again and I'm worried and paranoid!

    H and H 9 months to you two too!

  • Hiladders and welcome!!!

    I've been getting cramping and general aches and pains every few days. it does make me worry but know i had them with dsdfy. when would your due date be??
  • Hello and welcome!

    Many congratulations on your bfp. I'm delighted it didn't take as lone this time image

    Looking forward to chatting xxx
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