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Starting to get symptoms

A couple of days ago i decided that i didn't like the smell coming from our jacket potato oven at work and i haven't fancied one for over a week, been having salad instead. Today sat at my desk i get a waft of jacket potato oven smell and for the first time my glands got swollen and i felt sick. Because i've had a cold i had some tissue with olbas oil on it so i had a sniff of that and it took the feeling away. I hope this doesn't go on to long as it will mean ill be feeling sick just before lunch everyday. I'm also a little bit pleased i've got a symptom at last and it could be much worse. :lol:


  • Cherylbear, I've started feeling abit sickly during the day too!! Im also getting up 1-2 times a night for a wee. im full of cold at the moment and feel absolutely dreadful. really has knocked me for 6. glad too i seem to be getting some symptoms, just hope they don't get much worse!! I don't deal with being physically sick well!! image
  • Me to i haven't been sick for years since i had that noro virus thing.
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