Anyone else on number 2 and a bit scared?!


Just wondering who else was on baby number two and feeling a bit scared?!

I am so happy about this pregnancy but also can't imagine trying to juggle a 18 month old and a new born!

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  • Hi,

    Yeah I'm on baby number two as well and already have a 22 month old, somedays I think it will be fine, but others like last night when DS was throwing a massive tantrum I do wonder lol! I'm sure we will be ok, we will need the patience of a saint, but we will be ok image



  • Hello! I'm on number 2 too, although this baby was very much planned when I got my bfp I did worry, a bit OMG it's really gonna happen! Haha. Like fluffycat my 19 month old DS was a pain in the bum last night, in bed with us from 2am and then slept practically on my head from then til 6.30am and do wonder how I'll cope if he's like that, but I have a wonderful support network of family and friends and the saviour of a full day of nursery for DS on a Friday to help me. I am more worried that I won't have enough love to around! I know I will when it happens but I know it's troubling hubby too! Xx
  • G/C but having had my 2nd baby I wanted to say that the worries of 'What might happen' throughout my pregnancy were worse than the reality of 'What did happen' once DD2 was born.

    You will be much calmer & prepared with No.2 as you have been a mummy before, you already know how to feed them, change them, clothe them & nurse them to sleep. It can be challenging for those first few weeks balancing feeding baby with entertaining toddler but you learn to adapt with a story book/jigsaw & then play properly whilst baby naps. You'll also find toddler has a natural curiosity & fascination by their new sibling so don't stop them getting involved, allow them to look/touch & 'help' by sorting nappies for you. You'll find it all falls naturally into place & most of your fears will come to nothing.
  • Me too!! intact last night i woke up in a panic about it. im full of cold at the moment and i couldn't sleep so got myself all worked up think "how the hell am i going to cope?". my ds will be 28 months then this one is born. At the moment its all im thinking about image
  • i am gatecrashing but totally identify with this thread! my 2nd is due next month when my daughter will be 28 months and am in a total panic about it. if i wake up in the night, i can't get back to sleep for worrying! i also worry loads more about my daughter now - i used to be totally laid back but now i worry about her starting pre school in september and all sorts of other things! i keep thinking something awful is going to happen to her. must be hormones!
  • Oh ladies it's good to know I am not the only one!!!

    Thanks KazzieM for your input it's nice to hear from someonw who has already done it. I am sure you are right that it won't be as bad as we think it will!

    This baby was very much planned but I also had the moment of OMG when the positive sign came up! DD1 had really bad collic to start with and although she is great now I do worry about a screaming baby all night and then having to get up and entertain a todler!

    I am very much looking forward to getting the really bad sleeping stage out of the way ASAP image

  • Totally gate crashing but wanted to add.

    I have a dd who is nearly three and a three week old. It is far, far easier in reality than I imagined. I think like PP said that you are so much more relaxed second time around, and in turn your baby is relaxed too.

    The hardest thing is when they are both crying, like last night my dd1 was crying for her Daddy (at work) which set of dd2 and I was trying to settle them both..

    Also the tiredess isnt as bad as the first time around.

    When I had my dd1 I slept when she did but now when DD2 is sleeping Im playing or taking eldest to nursery etc but I'm not even tired. Probably used to lack of sleep I suppose.

    All in all their are moments of hard work, but its worth it to have your children close together.

  • I'm also terrified!! There will be a 2 year gap between my ds and this one. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled to be pregnant, this baby was 100% planned but like you've all said it's daunting on those days when your toddler is being a real handful. I'm also finding this pregnancy much harder work than the first- nausea and tiredness are far worse.

    On the plus side I think we will all be so much more confident with the second and hopefully our lo's will take to their little brothers/ sisters well!
  • Hello - I'm totally with you MrsCake!

    I go through phases of sheer panic and then proper excitement!

    Sometimes I worry that I will lose that special and close bond I have with my DS (he's also 22 months at mo) and that he'll become insanely jealous and resentful of his new brother or sister.

    But then I think about how wonderful it'll be when we're a family of four - full of noise and excitement!

    I'm going to try and prepare my DS for the new arrival as much as possible before October. I don't quite know how yet or even when to start but will probably wait until I'm really starting to show and DS is starting to ask questions.

    Good luck to everyone else xxx
  • I have 23m between my boys. It wasn't easy, but here i am expecting no3, so it can't be all bad! Mine are 4years 3m and 28m. They get on so well now. Play together nicely etc. My oldest Will be at school when baby born and ds2 3. So i doubt it Will be any easier, but i know what to expect lol.

    Don't worry too much. You Will cope. We all do. Some better than others but we get through it! image

    4+2 weeks (so early i am petrified)
  • Well my son is nearly 9 months old and will only be 16 months old when I have this one!! Henry has been poorly this week which is worrying me about how I would cope with two!
  • Thanks so much for all of your input ladies!

    I am still swinging from 'it will be fine, no problem' to 'arrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I will never sleep or sit down again!!'

    Muffin34 - we will only have a 19 month gap - scary!
  • Yes me, i'm on baby number 2 but there is a 14 year age gap, my first pregnancy wasn't planned but feel more scared with this one, not sure if it's because i found out i was pregnant at 5 weeks rather than being 15 weeks gone with my first. image
  • Hey All! I found this thread and it makes me feel (a little) better knowing I'm not alone. Here's my situation: I have an amazing 3-year-old little boy. He is my absolute everything. I am a stay-at-home mom and him and I are amazingly close. I can't describe our bond, but we're inseparable. I need him just as much as he needs me.

    I just found out last week I'm pregnant with baby number 2. It happened all sooooo fast. And I am not excited about it yet. I'm only 4 weeks along and I am scared out of my mind. Not sleeping. Not eating. Crying on the spot. I honestly can't shake this feeling of dread.

    I am just so worried about my little boy. How he will adapt to not having me all to himself. How he'll handle it when I'm in the hospital for a couple days (I have never left him at night and he still needs me to get him to sleep and won't sleep for anyone else). If you all can update how you all handled everything and stories about the kiddos now to help me cope, that'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, mamas. I am so scared that I don't know what to do. 

  • Omg this is exactly how I feel at the minute. Scared to death. How did you get on? 

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