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Stmach bug, nervous about mc, will th me or dr do anything?

Hi all, 5.5 weeks pregnant with baby no.2 I have horrendous stomach flu, vomitting, diarrhoea, aches and chilli, advice says call dr but I can't imagine they will do anything other recommend rest, plenty of liquids and going back if there is any spotting/ cramping. Can anyone share there experiences. Haven't been sick for about 4 hours now and have drank lots, just trying some dry toast.

Thanks in advance xx


  • hi baba,

    im in a similar situation. I've been in bed for 2 days now with flu and u just cannot control my temperature. i was silly and Google temperatures in early pregnancy and was slightly worried about the stuff i read. i have been to the drs and they have prescribed me some pain killers, co codamol. i asked the Dr if me being so ill would affect baby and he said no. he did say when we are pregnant our immunity automatically reduces otherwise our baby would be rejected. because of this it means when we pick things up we suffer more than others. he said it was just bad luck that id picked up such a nasty virus so early on.

    hope that helps in some way and that we are both feeling better soon xxx
  • Thanks for this, feel a bit better no and will go and see the doctors tomorrow of no better x
  • How are u feeling now?! Did u go to the drs??
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