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Can i join

can i join u ladies, due in nov but no nov thread lol, any1 any idea when they apear x


  • I will join you until nov thread appears. I will be 1st nov and determined to be positive this time round. 3rd time lucky eh xx
  • yeah im 2nd, im in same situation, trying to be possitive lol, how u feeling
  • Oooo...lisabbuy i remember you from ttc and "i hate the 2www" thread!!

    Congratulations on your bfp and ur welcome here for as long as u like image
  • yeah i know i was just thinking that lol, glad to see ladies that i notice lol, no nov yet which is rubbish lol x
  • I'm feeling fine Lisa, bit tired but generally ok. Trying not to build my hopes up but you never know. How are yOu feeling? Did you take a clearblue digital test? What did it say? X
  • no ive took 3 cheepies, im ok just feeling sick every now and again x
  • Hi ladies, can I join you? I am a November too, I got my BFP yesterday and my EDD is 5th Nov (I managed to see my GP last night!) xx
  • Sian - humongous congratulations! I had sneakily followed your story but never posted and was so hoping it was your bfp! Congratulations! Xx
  • Hi girls,

    Can I be another November lurker too? BFP yesterday and possibly due 1st Nov (my cycles are a bit all over the shop). Managed to hold off testing for nearly a week, crazy lady!! x x
  • MrsJ2011 thank you so much aww that's really sweet of you! image I am so unbelievably excited!

    vw_family congratulations on your bfp! I got mine yday too and like you I had held off from testing as I was scared it would be bfn. I was 18dpo when I tested after the ladies on ttc convinced me to test image

  • Exactly! I kept going from thinking 'this is it, its got to be' to 'don't be so frigging stupid, course you aren't' Did a first responce in the morning and the second line came up straight away then thought I was seeing things (it was 430am, I can't seem to sleep any later than that atm...) So I hot footed it to get a clear blue digital, then it kinda felt true (but still hasn't sunk in)

    Hope you other November ladies are feeling ok, I'm fine other than considering moving my desk to the toilets! Oh and my lady lumps are giving my huge (literally) issues at the moment, thinking of letting out the inner hippie in me and going bra-less :lol: Not sure the rest of my office would be too pleased though!! x x
  • May be I can also join you until the November one is up? I got my BFP yesterday too...due around 7th November. Nice to see names I remember from TTC on here! Congratulations everyone!
  • Congratulations MoJacobs! It's so exciting!

    vw_family that's exactly what I kept thinking! I ended up doing a test at lunchtime, I was in the loo and shouted to my OH to count 3 minutes, then went ???????oh dont worry!??????? as 2 lines came up straight away! I was shaking I was so shocked! I might treat myself to a ClearBlue digital just to see it in writing hehe. I have no symptoms yet, though my boobs feel slightly tender.

  • Hi Ladies

    Can i join u all i got my BFP last monday poss due 30th Oct just realised its so near Halloween lol

    I got 2 clearblue digi test off ebay & the arrived today so gonna do one later ahhhhh

    Hope everyone has a happy & healthy 9 (8) months

    Billie xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    Congratulations everyone, youre stories are inspiring me image I'm starting my first ivf cycle (victoria wing) in 20 days and soooooo excited!! do you have any advice on what I should or shouldnt be doing?
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