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Had a massive bleed on monday so went to A+E after forever was sent to gynae ward who checked me over and booked me for scan today. Went along today to find 2 gorgeous little heartbeats flickering away and were having non identical twins!!!

I had an idea since my symptoms have been horrendous but as much as you joke you never actually think its going to happen to you!! I have a bulge already when laid on my back and Im measuring 7+3. both babies are measuring exactly the same and are just perfect. Hubby is farmore relaxed about the idea than me and were both over the moon but Im petrified. With adam I had severe SPD from 18 weeks onwards and was on crutches and could barely move by the end so keeping fingers crossed I dont get it this time too. I only weigh 7 stone 4 at normal weight so am tiny...not sure how Im going to carry 2 babies with 2 placentas and 2 lots of water etc. lololol. :? :roll: image

Hope all is good with you all, so I should be due 15th October but Ill be induced at around 37 weeks so should have a september baby, is they hold on till 37 weeks. Adam was 2 weeks early and he was alone in there lol.

Amy with twinnies 7+3 xxx


  • Hi

    congratulations imageimageimage

    it's my dream to have twins but i don't think im in luck as im not really having any symptoms.

    have a great pregnancy image
  • Wow, what fantastic news!! Double the fun for youimage What will the age gap be between Adam and the twins? I keep worrying that I've got twins cooking too as got such early symptoms! I'll have to wait and see image

    Hope the bleeding stops now and you can get over the shock!!

  • Wow - that's great news! Must have been very worrying when you went to A&E and then, what a surprise!

    It'll be so much fun. Congratulations xxx
  • My symptoms this time round are so much stronger! we've joked and said, could be because we're having twins!!

    congratulations hun!! image
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