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Does anyone else feel like theyve bin hit by a truck lol?

Hi ladies,

Ive been feeling so rough lately with constant headaches, sickness, trapped wind n every muscle seems to hurt and ache image I can barely keep my eyes open, they feel so tired n swollen. Dont remember it being this bad with DS. Sory for the moan lol, wud like to know if its just me or not. Hope ur all well?

Love fluffycatmiaow



  • No you're certainly not alone! Feel crap all the time! Nauseas, achey & Almost flu-ey. I'm hoping it's all jolly good signs my bean is getting cosier! X
  • Hi there!

    I'm definitely feeling more tired and nauseous this time round - though not actually been sick yet.

    It really is nice to know that there are so many of us in exactly the same boat.

    Hope you both feel better soon image
  • I have to agree MrsJ2011 it certainly feels like I'm coming down with the flu. Just got to work and feel like death lol, hope this stage passes quickly.

    Hopefully its all good though that baby is growing strong and healthy image

  • I never remember feeling as bad as this with ds!! i feel constantly sick, have headaches and could just fall asleep at the drop of a hat. im already thinking....never, ever again lol!!
  • Lol, its somuch harder this time around. Got my sea bands on now, parent take them off in case they are actually helping lol x
  • I was sick with DD but don't feel anything yet! I am only 5 weeks but even though it is awful I want a few symptoms so I feel pregnant!

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