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It's oh so quiet....

It's quiet here & even on the facebook page! How is everybody? X


  • Hi there!

    Totally agree with you!

    I'm feeling really crap at the moment - so tired/nauseous all day every day. You're a little further along than me - are you starting to feel any better (please give me some hope!!!)??

    M xxx
  • Hi Ladies,

    I've been a bit nervous to post anything much on here until my 12 week scan on 3rd April and time seems to be going backwards!

    When are you due?

    My due date is 17 Oct.

    I have my first appt for blood tests etc tomorrow, eep!

    I too am feeling shattered and nauseous but as long as I eat regularly that makes me feel better image
  • Hi Ipanema

    I'm due 28 October and I have my 8 week booking-in app next Tuesday (20th). Good luck with yours tomorrow!!!

    When did you hear about your scan date?

  • Hi Ladies

    Can i quietly join u

    I'm Billie having No 3 have a ds of 6 & a dd of 15 months

    Madders i'm the same as u feeling sick most of the time generally rough everytime i find something i can eat i then go off it lol

    i had my booking in app on tues got scan on 17th April edd 30th Oct

    Hope 2have lots of chats girls

    Billie xx
  • Oh yay still people checking in then image madders2011 - im feeling much much better this past week, I still get the odd few hours of eurch, but feel much better overall, getting my energy back a bit too. Welcome to you all image I had my booking on Monday just gone & according to my midwife I'm due 7th October but it will change. Just waiting on a scan appointment now which I should get soon as she send off all relevant paperwork on Monday x
  • I had an early scan at 7 weeks as my dates were really off, lucky really! It was great to have and know that it was all real but I am still nervous about the next one!

    Good luck Madders with yours next Tuesday also - I am a huge wimp with blood tests and usually faint (ridiculous!)so I'm not really looking forward to it but the main thing is that everything comes back fine.

    Have you ladies told anyone yet?

    I have told my immediate family and close friends as they would just realise the second I don't have a glass of wine in my hand image
  • Welcome Billie and good luck with your booking in.

    A happy and healthy 7 or so months to all !
  • Hi again

    Mrs J: I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little better these days - this does give me some hope that in a few weeks I'll turn a corner too! Hope you get your scan app date v soon!

    Welcome Billie! We must be at about the same stage according to the dates you have given - hope you feel better soon. I have gone off food altogether at the moment even though if I don't eat I feel much much worse!

    Ipanema: I really hope it goes ok for you tomorrow - I tend to look away when I have any blood tests... I haven't told many people, just my mum and my OH's parents. I do want to wait for the scan and make sure everything is ok before telling other people.

    Take care for now!

  • I pop in most days and yes it is quiet lol. Not on the fb page.

    I am due 29 Oct so 7w and 4days. Since Saturday been feeling sick as anything and so exhausted. Off most foods really have to force it down and then i feel bit better.

    Nightmare with my job as i start work at 7am but feel better if i can take my time getting up!

    This is number 3 for me. Ds1 is 4 and 4m and Ds2 is 29m.

    Atm we have told immediate family and close friends. My work colleagues know just cos i have been feeling so dreadful!

    Good to see an improvement at 10w ish. Can't wait lol!

    Got booking in on 29 march and Will get scan date after that. Seems long time away.


  • I'm lurking, but after two mcs am waiting til after my scan to start posting. I'm 8+6 and due around Oct 20th.
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