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Shocked by weight gain

Hi ladies

I thought I'd weigh myself this morning. I haven't weighed myself for a very long time - probably since before xmas when I was 9 stone. I am now very nearly 10 stone!!!!! (I'm only 5 foot 3 inches.)

Now, I know I indulged myself over xmas and I'm eating more frequently these days to help with the nausea but putting on nearly a stone???? My pre-baby weight before DS was 8 1/2 stone and I knew I was unlikely to get back to that so was happy with 9 stone.

I feel like such a porker! image But I can't cut back on food as I'll feel more sick. I hope my midwife won't tell me off when I see her for the first time on Tuesday!



  • I know how u feel, i feel such a fatty already. I've put my weighing scales away as i just know ill be seriously depressed if i weighed myself.
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