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Please could I join you?!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you dont mind me joining you? I have been been reading through the threads and everyone seems really friendly and supportive!

I am 11+6, pregnant with my first baby and excitedly awaiting my scan on Friday. We were really lucky and fell pregnant very quickly!

So far, my worst symptom has been tiredness. I hate saying that to people as it sounds so lame but I can barely walk by the evenings I feel that exhausted!! I think I just wasnt expecting it, so it has knocked me for 6 a bit!But on the plus side, I havent really suffered any sickness so I know Im really lucky there!

Anyway, thats just a bit about I said, Im new to all of this so any advice is welcomed!!



  • Hello & welcome! Congratulations! We too fell very quickly, 33 days from deciding to TTC number 2 we were holding the positive pregnancy test! I have my scan on Thursday and can't quite think myself lucky enough! I too am tired all the time but with a 20 month old is inevitable really! Thankfully I'm coming out the other side now but have suffered with morning sickness and Nausea since 5 weeks so am very glad! Friday will be here in no time image x
  • Thank you!! and congratulations to you too!!! so sorry to hear about your morning sickness, I do count myself very lucky to have escaped that!!!

    Hope all goes well with your scan on Thursday...its such an exciting time!!

  • Hello and congratulations. This is my 2nd and I am absolutely washed out in the evening too. From what I remember you get more energy in your second trimester and feel less tired! My scan is today and very anxious/excited. Hope yours go well tomorrow - extra exciting first time round!
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