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Anyone still checking in?

It's SO quiet in here! We have a fb group if anyone wants to join, pm me xx


  • I do as due 28th Oct, but i migrated over to due in Nov as thought my due date would go back to Nov at my scan. But this babys dates were spot on lol! Been going between forums but Nov so busy! Shared scan date with few other girls. Where as in Oct everyone seemed miles ahead! Will still check in tho image Xxx
  • Aw bless ya, I thought if be put back but I too was bang on this time lol. It's a shame it's so quiet in here, can't get used to it, when I was preggers with my DS I lived on here and would log in to dozens of new posts a day, it's weird it being empty xx
  • Hi, I joined late this time round but check in quite often and I can't believe how quiet it is in here! I was thinking exactly the same thing as with my ds my due in forum was always busy and it was great for support and swapping stories....where is everyone?! I haven't joined the fb group yet so will try and work out how to pm you MrsJ2011! x

  • For some reason I can't reply to your messages off my phone, there's no reply box, lol. Ill jump on my pc when LO goes down for his nap and I'll reply to who's messaged me then image xx
  • Would love to join the Facebook group image it is such a shame it's quiet on here, I log in and there doesn't seem to be much activity xx
  • VW girl if you want to join add me on Facebook and I'll get you added in image my name is ally jacques & my profile pic is myself hubby & DS in the pool on holiday image xx
  • Hi, thanks- have added you image xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    Its soo quiet isn't it! I check in but lost my password which I have now retrieved image

    How is everyone feeling?

    Does anyone else feel like its not really real yet? I am 16+4 today and my belly just started to pop out yesterday so I'm sure it'll get a little more real very soon.

    Has anyone bought anything yet? x

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