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Due dates?

Hello ladies just a nosy question...when is everyones EDD??

Mines 5th october. Almost halfway there now image xx



  • Hi mine is the 17th.
  • Hi mind if i join mine is the 28th Oct x

  • 28th October
  • Lets get all our EDDs on here so we know where we are! XX
  • Mine is 8th October xx

  • Mine is 10th Oct, cannot wait image xx

  • Mines 11th October image can't believe we're nearly half way! Crackers xx
  • Hi Ladies my EDD is 6th October but may have a planned c-section so could have baby at 39 weeks image I think this pregnancy is going quick so far, anyone else agree? Or is it dragging for some? Hope to hear back from you image Gem x
  • Hiya ladies. Gem i agree with you i think its going quick but hubby feels its dragging! lol Has anyone felt bubbs kick or move yet? i havnt and feel am missing out! Its fab that were halfway thru already. Cant wait for my scan on 21st may to find out what were having image xxx
  • I've felt baby for the past 2 weeks now, but really only this week where it's unmistakable, I'm sure you'll feel soon dummy mummy xx
  • I felt some flutters last week but alot more this week. Can't wait to feel baby kick! Well I'm off to see Consultant now re: c-section so we'll see what they have to say. Gem x
  • Hmmm am waiting for a kick or two lol.

    Ooooh gem keep us posted image xx

  • I'm due on 20th Oct. I have only felt bubs a couple of times moving around but no proper kicks or anything, can't wait for it either!! x

  • Mine is 17th Oct too. Not really felt any definite movement yet.
  • Ooo just to add i am feeling movement a lot more now. Been flutters for week but can feel it having a good wiggle and little kicks. Only normally once i am still in bed but sometimes when i am sat still too. Can't wait for the bigger kicks. image Xxx
  • Hi October Mummy's so I saw consultant on Friday and I will definitely be having a c-section at week 39 so a week earlier than expected! Strange it will be all planned and definite rather than the wait for baby! Hope your all getting excited about 20weeks scans its such milestone!! Gem x
  • Aww thats exciting gem! So whens your EDD?? xx im soooo looking forward to my 20week scan on monday image xx
  • Have to go back at week 36 which is when they will book my elective c-section for week 39! My scan is Friday!!! Are you finding out what your having?? Eek exciting!!!! Gem x
  • Hiya gem wow thats fab news! Yes weve decided wed like to know image xx how about you and hubby? xx
  • We are going to find out too! I don't think I could not find out lol! I'm too impatient haha! We've booked to have a 3d/4d scan in July! Wasn't going to but so many people have recommended it! I have a 4yr old son from a previous r'ship so he can come to that scan too! Xx
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