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how are we all?

I am 17weeks now. The mist of early pregnancy has lifted and i no longer feel sick. Feeling lots of movements now. Particularly when i am laid in bed. Not sure i am glowing yet tho lol! Still tired but not exhausted now. I have put on over 1 stone in weight already which i keep being told by friends is ok as i look fab. But i am going to be a whale! image hope you are all well. Xxx


  • Hi nimmy, I'm nearly 19 weeks and have felt movements finally for the last few days. Sickness went around 14 weeks and feeling pretty good, apart from feeling a bit achey and getting stretching pains.

    Only put on 3 lb so far, which seems a bit low.
  • Hi ladies! I'm 19+4 today and feelin fab compared to early days image lots of movement and even a massive roll/turn that took my breath in town yesterday. We have our 20 week scan on Thursday and can't wait, think we're going to find out the flavour image Got quite a little bump now though I have lost 3lbs on my pre pregnancy weight...odd!

    Wol - I got your pm But mysteriously can't reply! My profile pic is currently me on a photo shoot in a cream dress, cover pic is myself and hubby in a guys and dolls style shot lol

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