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20week scan and its a. . . . . .

BOY! Omg i am a mummy to 3 boys! Little bit disappointed i Will never have a daughter, but baby is healthy and got some fab pictures that i Will post later! Consultant nor worried about 10lb baby thing as had Ds2 easily. Apparently retained placenta is just unlucky. Will keep an eye on my blood loss and have blood on standby incase i need another transfusion. But all is well. Just need anti d injection at 28w and glucose test in July. Just been and bought some cute baby gros and a gorgeous little brother t shirt! image Xxx


  • Congratulations on your 3rd little boy baby! Xx
  • Hi nimmy, congrats boys are fab! image) We have just found out that we are having our 2nd boy this afternoon, it was weird but throughout I've wanted another boy to be a playmate for DS1 but I have to say I was a bit disappointed as for various reasons we will only be having 2 children and that means I will never get to experience a daughter, so I guess I know how your feeling! But ultimately I'm just happy that all looked healthy and my DS will love having a bro! 

    Glad you got some good pics, we didn't get any as baby was very uncooperative! x


  • Congratulations! You sound like me, had retained placenta and hemorrhage pretty bad and also needed blood transfusion! they are talking to me about a managed 3rd stage to prevent the blood loss.

    3 boys will keep u busy!!image
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