what prams have we all gone for? xx

Hello october mummies hopeyour all well! Just wondering what prams weve all been looking at/bought? xx I paid the deposit for ours last night eeeek hehe. We finally decided on the new quinny pram...moodd. Ive never liked 3 wheelers but this pram is lush. More than i wanted to spend but my baby girl is worth it! xx


  • We have a silvercross 3d that we got 5yrs ago when Ds1 was born. It was rarely used when Ds2 was born as i used my double buggy most. I Will be using it with a buggy board for Ds2 and have our silvercross pop double for back up. Nothing flash as prams are much more stylish than they were 5yrs ago!image we just bought a combination pram that fitted in our citron saxo boot lol! Xxx
  • We'll be using the iCandy peach we have, as we've got the carrycot & main seat. We're going to buy the doubles adapters just incase but hoping we won't need them as DS is already quite content with walking image x
  • Hi, we have gone for the silver cross linear freeway, thought it was light enough for me to be able to push, but sturdy enough to cope with the school run. x

  • We have a bugaboo cam which we had for our ds. we are going to hold off getting anything different because hopefully.ds will be ok walking or on a buggy board....not.looking promising though image
  • I have gone for the iCandy in black jack as it will be winter x
  • We've got the Babystyle Oyster from when we had DS1 and have just bought the buggy board to go with it, which luckily DS loves! Need to dig out the carry cot now though!

  • Uppababy Vista for us. Love it!
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