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Soooo quiet in due in oct! how are we all doing??

Hello everyone how are we all doing?

Its so quiet in Due in Oct..... xxxx


  • Hey! I am 28w+4 now and getting tired. Got gestational diabetes so risk of a big baby. My last was 10lb. Controlling my blood sugar with my diet for now. Can't eat anything i love :'-( but is best for baby. Other than that i am ok plodding along. Enjoying the baby kicking and looking forward to meeting him in Oct! image
  • Hiya nimmy hope your ok! I know what you mean the tiredness has crept back on me! Was doing really well last week image xx

    I had my GTT and was scared about the results as diabetes runs in my family anyway and being overweight i thought id have it for sure. It was a suprise when the results were 4.1mmols before and 4.5mmols after.

    Are you more likely to have a bigger baby then?

    Do you have most things ready for him now?

    Were just about getting there!

    Kim 32 weeks xxx
  • Yeah bigger babies are linked with diabetes. I was tested cos of previous 10lb baby. I can't process sugar due to pregnancy hormones and it all goes to baby. So on a strict diet now. Had most bits already from the other 2. Got things out of storage and washed a few bits. Just need to put cot up and pack my hospital bag. image spending a lot of time at hospital till baby here cos of diabetes. Not easy when working and caring for other boys. Oldest starts school in 3weeks EEEK! Xxx
  • Hello ladies! Hope you are both well. It is so quiet here! Are you both on our Facebook group? Busier over there. I'm 31+2 today & starting to struggle. My spd is back and I find it difficult towards the end of the day. I also find babies wriggles very uncomfortable this time round, I jump a mile in the air sometimes! I'm really looking forward to baby arriving though. This will be our 2nd & last bubs so even though 'end of an era' if you will, I'm excited to start the next chapter. Poor baby only has 7 new babygrows & 3 new vests for his first few days so far, need tk get a wriggle on! Neary done my hospital bag, & got out old clothes ready for washing, feeling quite prepared compared to a few weeks ago!

    Nimmy how are you finding controlling your diet? I've not

    got gd but am trying to limit my crap as I banged so much weight on last time!

  • I have found it tough as i live on junk whilst pg and eat what i want when i want. Now my snacks are limited and no junk. Lots of salad and veggies. Even natural sugar in fruit i havecto limit. Getting used to it a week on. At hospital on Thursday to find out how i am doing and having a growth scan! image Xxx
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