How are we all doing?? :-)

Hiya ladies just wondering how we all are? Its been so quiet in this forum compared to other rooms! Im over 36 weeks and cant wait to meet my little girl now. We have everything ready for her and am counting down the days image xx Were giving birth at LGI and am praying for a waterbirth!!


  • Hi dummy-mummy

    We are good thanks, im 36 weeks today. had a few worries about bp but seems to be being good so far. had pre eclampsia with 1st. have scan on Friday as im ? Breech.

    Ill be giving birth at calderdale hospital, Halifax. not too far from u. im hoping fir water birth but will have to see if baby is breech first and also depends in bp

    Are u one the due in Oct Facebook page?
  • Not long to go now eh. Its scary how fast these past few weeks are disappearing! Im not on the fb page no.


    Are you all ready for baby?
  • HI ladies,

    Good to see soem action on the forum - I haven't dropped in for months!

    I too am 36 weeks now - still running around after a mad toddler and working so time is flying past.  Hoping to have this baby at home so fingers crossed all stays well. The only concren is my iron levels but we are working on that.

    I'm not on the fb page either - how can I join?  I still use the fb for my DIO 10 group which is still really active.


  • If u message me i ur details and invite u in? x
  • thanks Glimmer-  that would be great. I'll send yuo a quick pm now xx

  • Aw there Will be some ba soon! So excited. I am 33w now so little behind you guys. Got to grips with gestational diabetes now. Blood sugar has stabilized now i am on tablets. I have lost weight and wearing mat clothes from my first pg i couldn't get into 6w ago! Bump not really grown much either. Was half cm too small at last check 2w ago. Baby nice and active so not worried. image just want to meet him now. Xxx
  • 37 weeks today! eeeek so excited. My lil girl will be here soon i hope image xxx

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