update at 34+4

Had hospital appointment today. Blood sugars spot on not worried about anything now. I have lost a bit of weight and baby measuring 2cm small! That has never happened. At this stage with my other boys i measured 2cm ahead! Been advised to go back to full fat foods as i do not need to lose weight. Pizza and crisps are back on the menu Yummy! image blood pressure so low 80/40 that mw made me sit down lol. Baby head down and sticking his bum out! He felt small to mw too! had bloods taken and induction due at 39w. 4 half weeks to go! EEEK. So excited now tho. How is everyone else doing? Will be some ba soon? Xxx


  • Hi nimmy. Glad all is well with your blood sugars and nice tasties are back on the menu image I'm 37+3 today and well & truely ready for my little dude now! Wish he'd hurry up lol. What date does that make your induction? We have had our first baby over on the facebook page 6 days ago, a wee girl, I can't remember what her username was over here though - useless! Lol xx
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