Due next week but so fed up now :(

Hiya ladies, hope you are all well!

Im due next week but am so fed up already. I have awful aches and pains and am struggling to do basic things like get in/out of bed lol

Im so excited and hugely thankful to be pregnant but my god i want her out!!!

Ive tried spicy foods/walking/rasp leaf tea and going to jump hubby tonight but nothing seems to be working!!


Arrrgh i never thought id feel like this when i first saw my long awaited (3+ years!) BFP




  • I don't think it matters how easy/hard you found getting that bfp, once you get 37w+ it gets extra tough! I am 35+3 and so fed up with this diabetes diet and testing my blood sugar it iand unreal. I am now worried baby is too small rather than too big and suffering terrible insomnia that i never had with the other 2! Sorry now i have taken over your thread lol. Basically you are near the end and you are allowed to feel like that. Pregnancy is tough. No idea how women did it once a year before contraception! EEEK. Can't wait to see your ba! image rest up, she Will soon be here. Xxx
  • Ah god I deffo feel the same! I thought pregnancy was hard the first time round, I didn't realise how tough it would be with a toddler too! I'm 38w today and project eviction began weeks ago lol. I've tried every trick in the book but nothing except some mild pains on Tuesday & that was it! I agree with nimmy, no matter how long you waited or tried, the end is bloody tough! Lets hope we have some ba's soon! X
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