any BA yet?

Had an emotional morning! Had my scan. Baby ok but measuring big. Already estimated to be 8lb5. So much for having a small baby! Fluid is high too. No wonder i am uncomfortable. On the plus side baby is head down, spine out so perfect position for labour. His head is 3/5 engaged so no wonder i am waddling lol. Consultant told me i looked exhausted was i ok? The tears started. Whoops. In a nutshell i am exhausted and scared of the big baby thing especially aft last time. Had traumatic time. But things in place to make sure baby and i are safe. Doesn't stop me worrying tho. Then mw told me to stop being superwoman lol. Hard with 2 other children. Got to get tough with hubby about helping me round the house now. Not going to be an easy task! Then had trace of baby to check movement. Didn't perform until i had a cuppa lol! Just want him out now. Being induced sat 20th! Yay 9days to go. Xxx


  • Hey! Oh what a day! I know how hard it is with other children to look after, it was SO much easier first time as you can rest and think about you and baby only, so I sympathise with you greatly xx

    Can't believe only 9 days left to wait! wowzer!!!! bet it's exciting knowing when it'll acutally happen, are you ready? bag packed etc?

    I'm only 33+1 so still a way to go yet and extremely uncomfortable with bad SPD, think it'll be crutches next, got to call them again tomorrow as I can't go on like this.

    Wishing you the best of luck and will keep an eye out for updates!! xxx 



  • Hello, hope you are well, not long for you now! On the Facebook page we have 9 October babies! I am 3 days overdue and getting fed up now image x
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