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Hi there,

I wonder if someone could shed some light, or simply make me feel slightly better. I am now four days overdue and climbing the walls, its really starting to get me down and I just feel more and more anxious about the birth and seeing the baby. Has anyone else experienced this or feeling like this?


I was given a membrane sweep today and due to a tiltered cervix she wasnt able to do a 'proper' one although did say she could feel babies head? Im confussed does that mean im dilated!!


If anyone could shed some light on a very anxious, fed up mum to be that would be great x


  • I was like that with Ds2. Once you go into labour you Will be fine. Listen to your body it Will know what to do. Hope tough aren't waiting too much longer!
  • Thanks for replying back!!

    Still waiting.....

    Did you go in go spontaneous labour? I'm going my MW will shed some light this weekend as to when I can have an Induction.
  • Yes i did. Both times. It is hard going over. I was in tears a lot at the end. You forget once baby arrives tho and here i am about to have Ds3!image x
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