he's here!

Baby Lucas David Ivan T was born 10.31pm weighing 7lb13. Took till 6.15pm to get going but once got going was only 4hrs 15mins in labour. Placenta came straight out. No stitches, Had bath, Lucas has Bf twice. Just waiting to go to ward now. Tired mummy! Been a long happy day. image


  • Congratulations Nimmy image great weight too!

  • Thanks hun. Was dreading labour after the last one! But it was a dream. Text book. Doing well now. Bf well and poo ing better lol! Hope ur pg going ok! Xxx
  • Congratulations on baby Lucas & on a nice quick labour


    I had my little man Bailey Dylan on 19th Oct by elec c-sec 8lb 9ozs glad all goin ok

    Billie xx


  • Congratulations nimmy! Sounds like a nice straight forward birth for you!

    I had my little boy on 17th at 10.16pm weighing 8lb8oz, we have named him Freddie image Got to the hospital at 9.05 & he came an hour and ten mins later with just a little tear but no pain relief (ouch!) but ended up having a massive haemorrhage afterwards so not so straight forward but he's here and we're both doing well image

    Hope your little man is enjoying settling in, what do his brothers make of him? Xx
  • His eldest brother who is 5 next week can't get enough of his new brother. Ds2 who was 3 on 1st Oct is getting there. He hasn't been too fussed as yet. Both helped with the first bath. So cute. image nice to hear of some other arrivals. Xxx
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