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September 2008 babies (MFM)

Come and share your stories, parenting triumphs and hurdles with other mums of babies born in September 2008.

Just post a comment and introduce yourselves!





  • Hi all dont post very often but come on here evry day for advice and just to read your threads I have put my twins in for a baby competition and would be really grateful for a few votes the more votes they get the better there chance of getting into the families pls click on the 5 stars thanks
  • Mia was born in September 2008. I'm so proud of how she is growing up. She is learning new words every day, she picks her own clothes in a morning, likes having her teeth brushed & hair put up. I taught her to count to 10 & back down again. I was so nervous when she was born. i didn't want to get anything wrong with her but she has made everything so easy. I love my big girl Mia. X  image
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