Anyone else here still TTC#2?

I've not been on here that much bit still lurk regularly to see how you ladies and babies are doing. image (Ok they're not babies - I've got a proper wee boy now and am image some days!

Been TTC#2 since October and trying not to get too grumpy.

M still has one or two BFs a day but my periods have been back and pretty regular for almost a year so i don't think that's an issue. i guess we'll just have to keep at it!

Think our timimg may have been a bit off for maybe 3 out of the 7 months so I am trying to keep some PMA.

Hope you are all doing good



  • Is it worth using some cheap ov sticks to make sure you know you are ov'ing? They should also help with timing. I used a CBFM for two months and fell on the 3rd month. Maybe also worth a try?

  • I am charting and my cycles look v regular. have used ov sticks some cycles thanks image
  • look v regular and show ovulation I meant to say!
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